If you say you can’t, then you absolutely won’t”.
-My dad

I quit My dad would always tell me that whenever I gave up on anything.

Dad, I just can’t do it!”, I would often say.

It never failed that he would respond with some variation of the quote above. The first several times I heard it I was extremely annoyed, but didn’t have a good retort.

After a while those words started to sink in and I started to believe it.

Mindset is everything. Once you give up hope, you’ll never succeed. Period.

In my newsletter, I send out an email that shares the story about my Chevy Lumina (“The Lu”) and how a change a mindset will make me over $2,000,000. (You can read more about it here).

In the email, I asked my readers to share what pivotal point in their life forever changed their mindset.

Some of the responses were absolutely amazing and touching.

Then there was the one that was not.  In fact, I could tell that the person had given up hope.

When I read the email at first I was disappointed.

Here is their response:

You just want me to buy the book.

Tell me how a retired person with so little in bank from 401k can change that into millions, in a very small town , uneducated and very skeptical?

First a quick note…. with all the content that I put out, with all the newsletters that I do and all the videos that I record; I promise you it’s not all to sell a book.

Yes, of course I would love for you to buy a copy when it comes out, but if I did everything just to sell a book then this all would be for nothing. My passion is to help people, period.

Ironically, it wasn’t the accusation that upset me.  It was the persons mindset.

I could tell that they had given up hope.

And what is even more ironic?  How about how their closing:   “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING“.

For someone that signs that with each and every e-mail, it seems that they need to pay closer attention to what it really means.

  • Once you have given up hope, you have failed.
  • Once you truly believe that there is not better outcome for your life,  things will never improve.
  • Once you make that mental shift into permanent negativity,  all is lost.


My response to this person was the following:

I want you to buy the book if you think it can help you or help someone you know. Period.

I live in a very small town (5500) and luckily time is on my side to save for retirement.

If you are retired with no additional income coming in, then you won’t be able to turn “so little” into millions. But what about your kids? What about younger people that you could influence to make sure they aren’t faced with the same dilemma.

My parents were horrible at managing money. My mom still is. She never learned the basics of personal finance and, in turn, was never able to teach me. Truth is, I’m very fortunate and blessed that I learned it when I did.

My book, my blog, my videos and my mission are to give people the tools to take care of themselves. The tools that I didn’t get.

That “attitude” is what inspires me each and every day.

Even it was too late for this person they didn’t have to be a victim. They could take this experience, take their failures, take their shortfalls and use that to encourage others.

So often times I see people that are selfish with their experiences.  If they took the time to share their story they could have a dramatic impact and truly help these people.

I am confident that with a positive attitude, their life could still be turned around.

“Do what you can where you are with what you have.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt


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Comments | 4 Responses

  1. AverageJoeMoney says

    Not only has that person given up hope, but they’ve painted a box around themself. I think “retired” is an old idea that needs to be retired. Why be “retired” when you could be so many other things? Even if you are a shut-in, you can be a reader, a game-player, a teacher….so many things.

  2. Tyler S. says

    Rule Number 76: No Excuses, Play like a Champion! :) A little hard work can go a long way – whether in finance or anywhere, and whining about “advantages” someone else may have gets you nowhere.
    I hate when people are content to sit and complain, but never actually do anything to change their situation!

  3. says

    Love it! Today, so many people around me are so negative about things and it really makes me sad. Not only does mindset play a big role, writing down your goals can help out tremendously as well.

    Whenever I want to accomplish a goal, I first set motivation. This motivation could be in the form or health, money, etc. Next, I look at if other people are doing it. If they are doing it, why can’t you? We are all humans, right?

    If only more people followed this advice, who knows how many successful people would be roaming this planet!

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