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The start of another movement

Stories like the two below are the ones I wish I didn’t have to share.

Unfortunately, I know similar stories like it occur each and every day.


It had been three years since she lost the love of her life.

Sitting in my office a tear forms in the corner of her eye.

Thinking about that day that she walked into the kitchen to find the love of her life gone.

Unexpectedly and prematurely gone.

It was way to soon.

I can remember the first meeting we had when she shared the details of that tragic day when she lost her husband.

Healthy at the ripe age of 50, they had many more years ahead of them.

Even his healthy lifestyle and routine physicals couldn’t stop him from having a heart attack that ended up taking his life.

Having to deal with all the emotional aspects of losing your spouse is draining. Thankfully the one thing she has not had to worry about is the finances.


Life insurance.

Eerily Similar……

Just a few days later in the same office I have another meeting. This meeting is all too similar as the initial meeting I had with the other client. She, too, had lost her loving husband prematurely.

She was still in the grieving process and hadn’t quite grasped that he was no longer here.

The big fundamental difference between the two occurrences was life insurance.

In this case the husband did have some life insurance but not nearly enough; only having a $25,000 policy.

What does that mean for his surviving spouse? She is left with a mortgage, debt, not nearly enough in retirement, and the outlook of having to work until at least 70 – if she can retire at all.

Two Tragic Losses, One Even More Tragic Outcome

Sitting in my office and witnessing these two relatively identical situations was just another reinforcement of why life insurance is so important.

We all think that nothing is every going to happen to us; that we’re all invincible.

I’m sure these two widows will be the first to tell you that that is not the case.

Introducing Another Movement

You might recall another movement I did called the Roth IRA Movement where I shared the importance of saving and the benefits of doing so with a Roth IRA. Today I’m announcing another movement, this one called the Life Insurance Movement.

Its motivation is to make sure that every couple that is in need of life insurance has it, and make sure they have enough coverage.

I’m excited to share that I formed strategic partnerships with BankRate.com, LifeHappens.org, InsuranceProviders.com, Insure.com and many others to help bring awareness of the importance of having life insurance.

Why Life Insurance?

The stories above should solidify the important of having life insurance.    But if not, here’s something to chew on:

According to Genworth,

52 million American adults with household incomes between $50-$250k don’t have life insurance coverage. Of those insured, it will only cover them for 3.6 years.

3.6 years! That’s not even close to being sufficient.

Even if you have life insurance, chances are it’s not enough. It’s time to get your family protected!

How to Participate

The Life Insurance Movement will occur Wednesday, August 22nd.   The sole purpose of this event is to bring awareness to a very important topic and spread the word.   To encourage you to spread the word we’re going to be having a raffle like give away for those that help out.  While we definitely want more bloggers on board, there will also be incentives for non-bloggers to get rewarded for sharing the event through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

We don’t have all the prizes worked out yet, but stay tuned for some really cool ones that I know will give you incentive to spread the word about the life insurance movement.

What do you say?  Will you help me spread the word?

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Comments | 46 Responses

  1. Anthony Colon says


    Great job energizing interest in such an important area of a person financial health. I will definitely spread the word to motivate, encourage and empower others to take the steps necessary to protect their families.

  2. says

    Great job Jeff! The team here at Annuity Think Tank will be taking our annuity hats off on the 22nd and replacing them with life insurance hats for all of our blogs.

    Thanks again for putting these great movements together.

    The ATT Team

    • Jeff Rose says

      @ Melissa

      Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that about your dad. I’m glad he did buy some.

      Thanks for sharing another reminder on the importance of this movement.

  3. says

    I’m not sure why we should expect that someone should be able to retire because their spouse died, but I do agree with the importance of life insurance. I haven’t written about it in a while, so I’m in.

    • Jeff Rose says

      @ Edward

      First, glad you’re in!

      One shouldn’t totally expect to be able to retire if their spouse unexpectedly passed away and they had bought a lot of life insurance. Although, the amount I bought on myself was to hopefully do that for my wife.

      With the two situations mentioned in above, the first widow worked in the same place with her husband. The thought of having to return to work and her husband no longer being there was, was almost unbearable. Because of her husband’s good planning, she didn’t have to.

      The second widow, in her early 60’s would at least been in much better financial situation had her husband had some kind of insurance coverage rather than the small amount he had.

  4. says

    Just set it up on my calendar to write a blog post about this very topic. As a bankruptcy lawyer we see a ton of people who have to come see us after the death of a spouse, etc. because they didn’t have any life insurance. Also, life insurance is generally protected even in a bankruptcy so it is sheltered funds (usually) in a bankruptcy as well. Keep up the great work!

    Damon Duncan
    Duncan Law, PLLC

  5. says

    Count me in! My husband and I both feel very strongly about Life Insurance, especially after our daughter was born. I’m saving the date in my google calendar and will write up my post tonight!! :)

  6. says

    Kudos Jeff. As a fellow financial advisor you know (and illustrate in this post) the value of adequate life insurance for clients. Life insurance gets a bad rap in some circles, but it is an essential part of a comprehensive financial plan for most clients. Clearly the right type of insurance and amount are critical as well.

    As I’m sure you’ve experienced, I always shake my head when I speak with a younger prospective client who is all hyped up to invest, but has neglected the basics of life insurance and a will leaving their young family in a potential bind in the event of their death.

  7. Shannon says

    I plan to participate as well. I do have a question though, I have a policy on myself but we’ve been trying to get a policy for my husband. We’ve gone through two companies including one we were referred to by SelectQuote and both companies denied him coverage due to past medical history (it’s nothing serious, just two prior back surgeries). Do you have any suggestions for how to get him coverage? I’m terrified of something happening to him and having to raise my child on just my salary.

  8. says

    Jeff, my post’s loaded up in my blog scheduler and it’ll go live on the 22nd. I’ve also added the info to the Google Doc on your details page.

    And I’ll be tweeting about #lifeaware! Thanks again.

  9. says

    I’m in … I’m not in the financial services industry myself but my Dad just died a few weeks ago, and he had life insurance (but not enough to replace the retirement income his pension provided). I’m a new evangelist!


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