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15 Ways to Invest Small Amounts of Money (and turn it into a large amount of money)

In 16 Ways to Invest $100 I gave suggestions on how to invest when you have just a few dollars. In this article I want to take it up a…

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My Biggest Business Challenge and How I Overcame It

I'd like to share my biggest business challenge inspired by the Office Depot Business Solutions Center as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GearLove. If you were to poll business…

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6 Safe Places to Invest Your Money in Retirement

"If I was your mom, how would you invest my money?" A lady who I had previously helped with her aunt's investments for years now came to me regarding up…

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How to Avoid Getting Burned by Devastating Financial Malpractice

Several years ago, I used to play in a flag football league. After catching a pass, I hit the open field and between me and the end zone was one lone defender. As I glided across the field I knew…

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