In these uncertain times, life insurance is probably not your top financial priority. However, no matter how tight your budget already is, life insurance is the one thing you can make affordable and should never cut out from your budget.

affordable term life insurance policy
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When times are tough, it might sound foolish to follow the above advice. Yet, there’s no denying that your passing away will put your family in a dire financial situation. In addition to coming to terms with your death, they will have to deal with not just everyday expenses, but also pay off all outstanding mortgages and loans taken out in your name. Their grief would be compounded by having to grapple with the huge financial obligations that you would have left behind. Even if you were to die totally debt-free, they would still have to manage financially without you. It’s certainly not the best way you would want them to remember you.

Life insurance quotes
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Consider term life insurance

To avoid situations like the above, obtain a life insurance policy. In these difficult days, it’s the smartest way to save your family from further distress, in the event of your untimely demise. You are probably thinking that there is no way you can fit expensive monthly life insurance payments into your already tight budget. However, life insurance is a lot cheaper than you think. Contrary to popular belief, affordable life insurance is a reality.

Did you know life insurance is available today at a third of its cost a decade back?

Yes, a million dollar policy can cost you as little as $30 – $60 a month (since life insurance is cheaper when you are younger and healthier, rates will vary on the basis of your age and current health condition) these days.

As you know, life insurance comes in two main flavors- whole life and term life insurance. Term life insurance, with its low premiums is what you should opt for, if you have budget constraints. Whole life insurance on the other hand is expensive. The only drawback to term insurance is its definitive expiration date, as opposed to lifetime coverage with whole life insurance. This is not really a drawback if you plan your term in such a way that it sees you through life’s major financial obligations.

Ways to get an affordable term life insurance policy

To get the best possible deal on your term life insurance, there are a few things you can do. For one, shop online. Your local agent may mean well when he approaches you with an offer that looks good, but you should know that he probably deals with just a handful of insurance carriers, and won’t really be able to guarantee you the best deal in the market. Online insurance agencies on the other hand can quickly run your statistics through hundreds of carriers on their database, and give you term life quotes that best suit your requirements. Online agencies will also be able to offer you other resources such as free online life insurance needs calculators, FAQs and blogposts that help you make a well-informed decision.

Are you young and in good health? If so, you are in luck, because you qualify for the best premium rates. If you are a smoker and plan to quit soon, you can buy term insurance, and have it reviewed a year after you quit smoking. This is because premiums are higher for smokers, and when you remain smoke-free for a year, you stand to qualify for a cheaper, non-smoker rate.

In most cases a medical exam is required in order to qualify for a term life insurance policy. Read up and learn about ways to prepare for your term life insurance medical exam that can help you to obtain a more affordable term life insurance rate.

For those who already own life insurance policies

In tough times, it is natural to want to cut back on expenses, and even consider stopping your insurance policy. This is never a good option. If you find premiums too costly, review your policy and change over to a policy that offers competitive premiums, yet one that covers you adequately.

Get advice from online experts

Whether you want to buy a new policy, or change an existing one in favor of a policy that is more affordable, speak to an online expert to get your financial situation assessed professionally. This step will ensure that you are insured for the right amount, while you keep your premium amounts small enough to fit into your monthly budgets.

Life insurance is the most important expense in these difficult times, and sometimes you will want to wish even affordable premiums away. However, remember that in exchange you will have peace of mind, knowing that your family will be protected even when you are no longer around. Click here to get a free life insurance quote today.

Life insurance quotes
in less than 1 minute!

Investors should carefully consider the charges and fees associated with a new insurance policy as well as any costs associated with surrendering the current policy.


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