How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent a RV?

“That There’s an RV”

- Cousin Eddie, Christmas Vacation

As a child my mom and step-dad would take me on RV trips all across northern California and Nevada during the summer.

I remember it being some of the best memories of my childhood.

I knew that when I got older that a RV trip was in store for the Rose family. I just didn’t realize it would come this soon…..

This summer the five of us (our boys are 6, 4, and 3) hopped into a rented RV for 14 days with the only planned destination being the Grand Canyon.

Everything else was meant to be an adventure and it sure was.

Many people were asking me questions about what it takes to rent an RV and how much it costs so I knew that I had to do a recap post on it.

renting a rv cruise america

So if you’re ready to join me and Cousin Eddie and go off your own RV adventure, here’s what you need to know…
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GF¢ 33: 15 Reasons Why You Won’t Be Able to Retire Early


Who doesn’t want to retire early?

Unfortunately, many people won’t be able to.

Even worse, many people don’t have a clue that they won’t be able to retire early.

Such was the case with this couple in their mid-30′s that planned on retiring in their 50′s even though they only had $17,000 in savings.

Yes, that’s it and the reason I filmed this financial rant video.

I wish I could say that this couple was the exception and many on our pace to retire early, but if I was I Pinocchio then my nose would be grow to be a mile long.

Are you in this camp?  If you’re guilty of the following 15 items then welcome to the retire at 70+ club.

Here are 15 reasons why you won’t be able to retire early.

15 Reasons Why You Won't Be Able to Retire Early

Some of them have to do with how you handle money, but others focus on your mindset, your expectations, or even factors beyond your control.

My hope is that this list will enable you to avoid the traps that prevent people from retiring early.
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Grow Your Dough Throwdown (Mid-Year Update)

It’s time for another Grow Your Dough Throwdown update.

We’ve reached the midway point, and the competition is definitely heating up. The Dow Jones shows no sign of letting go, hitting that phenomenal 17,000 mark.

Side note – isn’t that freaking crazy? It seems like yesterday that it was March of 2009 and the Dow Jones was at 6,500, and now we’ve hit 17,000? As my Filipino mom would say, “What the heck is that?”  I digress, I digress…..

For those of you who are new to the Grow Your Dough Throwdown, here’s a brief recap on what this Throwdown is all about:

I opened seven different accounts with seven different online brokers and investment sites, and deposited $1000 into each. The idea was to see how each would compare after a year’s worth of growth. To make it more exciting, I solicited several other personal finance blogging experts to join me in the fun.

Grow Your Dough Recap Mid Year

Each of them has opened up an account at an online investment site of their choice, and deposited $1,000. As a rule of state, we cannot deposit any more money throughout the year, but we can trade as much as we want. Since I opened up seven different accounts, I’m using only one account with my numbers compared to them. So how is it going? Let’s take a look.
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GF¢ 032: How Betterment Grew From Zero to $500 Million in Under 4 Years


“There has to be a simpler way to invest.”

That’s what the Jon Stein, the CEO of Betterment thought to himself not too long ago when he was beginning his investing journey.

Well that thought has turned into a $500 million dollar investment company in just under 4 years.

Their growth has been amazing and exciting to watch. I was able to get Jon on the GF¢ podcast to share how he created his dream company and what his big plans are.

IMG - How Betterment Went From Zero to 500 Million in Less Than 4 Years
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14 Reasons to Not Listen to Suze Orman

Oh Suze….

You either love her, hate her or really hate her.

In truth, a lot of her advice is really good stuff. But some of it is teetering on the edge, and some advice is just plain bad.

IMG - 14 Reasons Why You Should Not Listen to Suze Orman

Even though I questioned some of her advice I still respected what she’s been able to do in educating the masses.

That all quickly was thrown out after she launched her pre-paid debit card program that grew immediate criticism. Instead of focusing on the benefits the card offers (none that I know of), she took the much nobler route of calling people names that questioned the cards merits as shown below.

In the above exchange, “@ptmoney” is my buddy Phil Taylor is a CPA, personal finance blogger at and founder of the Financial Blogger Conference. So yeah, she called my “battle buddy” an idiot and that ain’t cool.
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My “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Experience

Rich Dad, Poor DadWe all have them, those moments in our lives where we are presented with a crossroad.

Where each path has the potential to lead us into a totally different result.

We all wish that we could fast forward to see which path is the best option, but, unfortunately, the only way to find out is to choose one.

I had to make one of those decisions early on in my career.

One of my earlier meetings in my career was with a gentleman who had an entrepreneurial spirit.

He could see that in me as well, and had suggested that I check out the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

I can’t remember if I’d heard of the book at the time, but I was definitely intrigued.  It was a time in my life when I would read any type of inspirational story and soak it up like a sponge!

If you’ve never heard of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the concept is this:
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GF¢ 031: Is Universal Life Insurance a Ripoff?


Sell them what you want, not what they need.

Unfortunately, this happens A LOT in our industry.

Shady financial advisors will sell mutual funds, annuities, REIT’s, cash value life insurance — basically anything that might make more sense for them (in the form of making a commission) instead of the client.

Universal life insurance pros and cons

This seems to be the case in almost every universal life insurance situation I’ve ever come across.

It’s often touted as a “great investment,” offering things like tax-free money just like a Roth IRA, guarantee of principal, on and on and on.

If you’ve been a reader of the blog, you’ll know I’m a firm believer that in the right situation, a financial product could work, but just like I see annuities being used inappropriately, the same applies to universal life insurance.
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Happy Father’s Day – Wife Hijack

Untitled design

Hello everyone! This is the wife reporting in. I’m not here to give you any personal finance advice…in fact, I get all of mine from the man behind this blog.

But, I AM HERE to tell you that he’s MUCH more than just a guy who knows a lot about money and investing. He’s the king of hijacking my blog so I thought I’d return the favor…except I won’t be posting in any rap songs about how tight his body is. In case you missed that – just go here.

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GF¢ 030: What You MUST Know Before Hiring Your First Coach


This podcast episode is a continuation to support Operation: #investNOW where I’m inspiring 1 million people to invest in themselves.  Check it out here

This podcast is all about one of the best investments I’ve ever made, but I’m not just rehashing Episode 15.

I’m going to be diving deeper into one of those investments – coaching. Investing in my own coaching program is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and in my business, but I didn’t really get it at first.

Then, when my business grew and started lacking direction, I realized what I needed: a coach.

Another online entrepreneur recommended Strategic Coach, which is made for entrepreneurs, and I haven’t looked back.

This podcast is all about the coaching process – what it is, how much it is, and what the coaching process looks like (I even get coached!), courtesy of Karyn Lisk from

IMG- What You Must Know Before Hiring Your First Coach
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15 {Surpisingly Simple} Money Saving Tips for Families

Before we had our first son I was terrified on how much it was going to increase our monthly expenses.

We were decent at managing our finances, but I suddenly felt that I holes in all my pockets and all our money would just fall off into the new baby abyss.

I’m sure other families feel this pinch and are constantly looking for ways to save money.

While it’s rare that you can eliminate a single expense that will give you control over your finances, you can usually save a lot of money by combining savings from several different directions.

Money Saving Tips for families

Try some of the following money saving tips and use them to take charge of your budget.
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