GF¢ 047: Crushing Goals for 2015


“Dream small dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and you don’t do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals.”

John H. Johnson

By now, if you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that I LOVE to set goals. This is a byproduct of joining The Strategic Coaching program 4 years ago. You can read how much I love that program here.

Setting and reviewing my goals consistently has yielded wild and crazy results. My revenue has almost tripled (hopefully soon quadruple!) and I’ve taken more time off than I ever have. #winning

my goals 2015

This was the first goals post I shared on the blog. I then did a few follow up posts here and here.
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What is an “Indirect Rollover”? (and why you should care)

We often hear the term “rollover” in connection with retirement accounts.

People frequently rollover money from one retirement account to another.

One of the biggest types of rollovers occurs when a person leaves a job, and does a rollover of their 401(k) plan to an IRA (here’s how you do a 401k rollover to a Roth IRA).

ira direct transfer

But as casually as the word rollover is used, there are actually two types, direct and indirect. And which one you use will be more important this year – and from this point forward – than it is ever been in the past.
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The Top 10 Good Financial Goals That Everyone Should Have

If you haven’t realized this yet, I’m kind of a goal setting freak.

Some people do New Year’s resolutions.  That’s great, but I think you need to revisit your goals on a more consistent basis.  For me, that’s every 90 days.

Other people don’t bother to set goals. They choose – unconsciously at least – to rely on luck.

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”

Douglas MacArthur

Let’s establish up front that goals are something more substantial than dreams or wishes.

They can start with dreams or wishes, but they have an action plan behind them – something that spells out how we convert a desire into something real.

That’s especially important when it comes to financial goals. Since they require regular investments of money and effort over a long period of time, you need to have workable plan to bring them to reality.

good financial goals is key

Start by setting some financial goals. If you’ve never thought much about this, here are 10 good financial goals that everyone should have.
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What the Heck is a Hedge Fund?

Am I the only that thinks of Sonic the Hedgehog when I hear the term “hedge fund”?

Sonic the Hedge Fund

Hedge funds are the mystery players in the investment universe. We hear a lot about them, but few of us ever have any regular interaction with them, and we certainly don’t invest money with them. We assume that the only people who do are the big money people, like Georg Soros and Warren Buffet.
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11 Ways to Invest $100,000 with Confidence

A cool $100,000 hits your checking account. Good day.

Before you go bananas and buy a Tesla with automatic lane-changing capabilities, please take a deep breath – for my sake. The last thing I want to see you do is blow all your money on sports cars or bad investments.

how to invest $100000

Whether I’m investing $100,000 or $1,000,000, there are a few steps I would follow first. You can read more about those steps in my article on how to invest a million dollars. That article is more about what to do with a large sum of money (like paying off debt and building an emergency fund) – this one will help you learn about a number of investments, investment methods, and investment tools that will lower your risk.

So grab your $100K and invest with confidence!

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The 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire

What do you picture when you hear about someone who’s a millionaire?

Let me take a stab at it . . . .

Perhaps a well-groomed old man lounging in his bathrobe, sipping on a tall glass of some complicated beverage, overlooking acres of achievement from the portico of his mansion?

Or maybe you see a fine-dressed young lady, confidently walking the through a Manhattan park on her way to the corporate meeting where she will soon land a business deal worth fifty years of your income.


It’s a title you may have never dreamed you could ever give yourself.

What if you could? What if?

Become a miilionaire

I want you to envision yourself as a millionaire. Imagine all the good you could accomplish in the world. Dream of the possibility. Believe you can become one. It actually could be simpler than you think.
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GF¢ 046: 7 Life Lessons I Learned from The Rock


Look at me.

Do you see a well-dressed financial advisor?

Perhaps the Scorpion King?

Okay, maybe you see both.

Admit it, when you look at me you don’t know whether you should ask for help consolidating your retirement accounts or request a signed movie poster.

Blink once, I’m Jeff Rose. Blink twice, I’m Dwayne Johnson.

And you can’t tell me I don’t look like The Rock. Even my wife thinks so:

Don’t just take my wife’s opinion. Kids always tell the truth . . . .

Walking through the mall with my wife a few years back, a teenage girl gave me the all-too-common double take. She passed by us but turned around, ran back to me, and exclaimed,

“Do you know you look like The Rock?”

Before I had a chance to respond, she scurried back to her friend.

I should have said something like, “Yeah, that’s because I am The Rock.” Ha.

But hey, I’m okay with looking like The Rock.

It gives me that celebrity feel, don’t you think? :)

7 Life Lessons I Learned from The Rock 1

After all, Mr. Dwayne Johnson and I have a few things in common – I’ve learned a few things from him.

I’m really not sure how, but I did.
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Dear Dad, Why Did You Let Debt Kill You?

According to his death certificate, my dad died of myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack.

His health had been deteriorating for some time, so it wasn’t a total surprise.

He gained weight and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He had two bypass surgeries — one triple, one quadruple. It wasn’t hard to understand why he had heart problems.

His diet was unhealthy; he didn’t get enough exercise; and he was constantly under stress.

We thought there wasn’t much any of us could have done. In retrospect, there was one area where I might have been able to help, though at the time I didn’t think about it in those terms. His financial health deteriorated more than his physical health, and that was one of the primary sources of stress.

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15 {Surpisingly Simple} Money Saving Tips for Families

Before we had our first son I was terrified on how much it was going to increase our monthly expenses.

We were decent at managing our finances, but I suddenly felt that I holes in all my pockets and all our money would just fall off into the new baby abyss.

I’m sure other families feel this pinch and are constantly looking for ways to save money.

While it’s rare that you can eliminate a single expense that will give you control over your finances, you can usually save a lot of money by combining savings from several different directions.

Money Saving Tips for families

Try some of the following money saving tips and use them to take charge of your budget.
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GF¢ 045: How to Compete Every Day and Crush Your Goals


I love “Dream Chasers”.

There’s something about somebody’s story that put it all on the line to pursue their passion especially when their mission is to encourage others.

About a year ago, I noticed a fellow Crossfitter wearing a sweet shirt on my Instagram feed. When I did some more homework, I found it out it was made by a company called Compete Every Day.

Fast forward to present day and now I own 7 Compete Every Day shirts and wear one of their wristbands daily.

I’m obsessed with their determination to spread positive and encouraging messages to others showing that your life is worth competing for.

Compete Everyday

Jake Thompson, the CEO (“Chief Encouragement Officer”) of, was gracious enough to come on the show to share his backstory and what his lifestyle brand is all about.

What’s in The Show:

  • His advice for anyone wanting to chase your dream.
  • Why you should never quit and never forget the mission.
  • Why there’s no such thing as an overnight success.
  • What it’s like telling your family that your goals are different than theirs.

compete every day

What Chris Brogan had to say about Jake:

Jake is building a great business, with elements of participation, motivation, and with a sense of legacy. I’m forever thrilled to see where Jake goes with it, and happy when I get the chance to add my fifty-two cents

Resources from the Show

Warning: If you go to the Compete Every Day site, I promise you won’t be able to visit without buying something. So be careful! :-)