Life Insurance Movement Details

life insurance movement details

The Life Insurance Movement is coming! Are you ready?

I’m excited so many bloggers are taking part in another great cause. Just like the Roth IRA Movement, my goal is to bring awareness to another financial issue that people shouldn’t neglect.

When: Wednesday, August, 22nd.
Why: Why not? You can read more about the what prompted the life insurance movement.

The Awesome Sponsors to the Movement

In hopes of attracting more bloggers and non-bloggers to participate, I’ve recruited some great sponsors to give you more incentive to share the message.

Here’s a special shout out to our sponsors and their prizes:

  • Brand new iPad <<<—-Holla!
  •  Google Nexus
  • : Brand new Amazon Kindle
  • Life Foundation ( Dr. Dre Beats Pro headphones and $100 Amazon gift card for music. (See details below on how to qualify for this prize)
  • FINCON (Financial Blogger Conference founded by Phil Taylor of 1 ticket to the Financial Blogger Conference.  (If you’ve already bought your ticket, you’ll get a refund.  If you’re not going, you’ll get an Amazon gift card in the amount of the ticket $149).

How to Spread the Word and Win the Prizes

First, my post that will be going live will be here:

That will make it easier to link back to the movement. :)

The official Twitter hasthag for the movement is #LifeAware.  Tweet it out!

If you’re a blogger or feel comfortable being in front of a camera, then you have a REALLY good chance to win.For non-bloggers, don’t fret! It’s really easy for you to participate, too.

We’ll be utilizing the nifty widget provided by Rafflecopter for the giveaway that allows to track different ways to enter.

Here’s a look at the ways you can get an entry to win: (this will be updated up until the day the contest goes live)

  • 25 Entries for filming a video about the importance of life insurance.
  • 10 entries for blogging about the movement.
  • 10 entries for every 5 people you refer to the movement (you can use any way to refer them)
  • 3 Votes for Repinning our image (picture will be live the day of the movement)
  • 2 entries for leaving a comment that answers the question “What are your dreams for your family and how does life insurance factor into fulfilling those dreams?”
  • 1 vote for Tweeting about movement (you can do this daily)


Rafflecopter Widget

A Few More Bonuses for Bloggers

First things first, you get links!   All bloggers like links, right?  :)   You’ll get a backlink from myself, and   One post gets you 3 links.  Yeah baby!

You also have the chance to get picked up by big media.  The Roth IRA Movement got big time press from the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Kiplinger’s, Yahoo Finance and many more.   In fact, Pete from Bible Money Matters had his post picked up my Kiplinger’s which was then syndicated by major online publications all across the U.S.  Here’s what Pete had to say about it,

I still get traffic just about every day from the Kiplinger link for the Roth IRA movement. I can only hope this one pans out that good as well. Smile

Can it Get Better?  It sure can!

The Life Foundation is offering a special gift for bloggers and vloggers who do a brief mention about the movement.   Then a special committee will pick the top 3 (maybe 5) posts and let their Facebook community pick the top post.

The top winner takes home the Dr. Dre Beats headphones with the $100 Amazon gift card. If you win, you’ll be looking fly just like 22 Olympic medal recipient, Michael Phelps!

I got Dr. Dre Beats, do you?

Your blog post does not have to be extensive thesis on the importance of life insurance.  We realize that could be a downer for many.  To participate, here’s all we want you to answer:

“Why do you think life insurance is important for your family?

That’s it!  Obviously, if you mention more about the movement, that would be appreciated but not required.

Remember: That question is just a suggestion.   Feel free to talk about whatever you like.  In fact, below you’ll find some other questions you can answer along with some great resources from the Life Foundation.

My main goal has been to bring awareness to a much needed topic.  Together we can bring awareness to why families need to protection of life insurance.

Let’s do it together!

More Resources

A few more questions you can answer for your blog or video post.

  • If you could rename life insurance, what would you call it?
  • Who do you think needs life insurance and why should they consider buying it?

Here’s some great resources to help with your posts: also have some good resources:

Make sure You Get Your Links

To get a link back to your post, just drop the info in the Google Docs below.

Thanks for participating!