Would you feel safe swimming in the ocean during high tide?

What if there was no lifeguard on duty?

Now how safe would you feel?

It amazes me how many times I talk to people that do not have a financial advisor.

And no this is not some sales gimmick to hire me.

People make stupid mistakes with their money. I see it all the time.

A financial advisor (or coach) can help you prevent many of these ignorant choices.

Stop managing your money without a lifeguard. Hire a financial advisor today.


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    I absolutely believe that a person who wants to invest on stocks should hire a very good financial advisor. These people know what they are doing and would point you to the right direction. We have a tendency to act on impulse and usually, we make the wrong decisions. This is where the financial advisor’s expertise is much needed – to make sure that we put our money in the right companies.

  2. says

    I have had a -11% return on my 401k this year. I have to say I am a litlte concerned even though I’m young. I have to keep thinking I’m doing the right thing by sitting back and waiting for the market to go up. I know you are supposed to buy low and sell high but it’s so easy to think get out now while you’ve still got some left. Can someone tell me I’m doing the righ thing?

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