The sounds of Jingle Bells and snow flurries are in the air.  Christmas is so close, an always exciting time of the year.  Can’t wait to see how our 18 month enjoys his second Christmas.  Hopefully, he will be more into the actual gift than the wrapping paper this year.

In the blogosphere, there was a lot of good stuff to share.  Can’t reference them all, but I’ll try my best. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Jeremy at Gen X Finance had a phone conference with the one and only Suze Orman.  It’s good to see PF Bloggers being recognized for their efforts.  Here soon I’ll be posting on my experience with the Steak-Chili Recipe that Jeremy had on his blog earlier this year.

Paid Twice had a good discussion on what it means to have a fully funded emergency fund. Emergency funds are a key component of any financial plan and sadly most people don’t have them.

With the Recession upon us, many that may have wanted to start a business might have put it on hold.  Dough Roller shares a real life story of somebody that did start a business during these tough economic times and is still around.

Over at Cash Money Life, we had a guest author The Wandering Tax Pro who contributed a series of articles on various retirement plans for businesses.  He covered the Simple Plan, SEP Plan, Solo 401k, and Keogh Plan.  It left me wondering my Good Financial Cents doesn’t have this info yet.  Don’t worry, soon enough.  Good posts to check out.

Consumer Boomer had a really neat personal story about his Terminex experience. For those considering to use them, this might be a good article to check out.  Have to appreciate Papa Boomer’s sense of humor (hence the title of the post).

For the touchy post of the week, we go to Free From Broke.  The post is actually from Mrs. FFB and shares her struggle from being a stay at home mom versus returning to work.  My wife and I dealt with this same struggle, but are very fortunate enough to have grandparents that are close by.

Last, but not least, Moolanomy had a great post on losing money and possibly having to pay taxes this year because of capital gain distributions.  Very good read and strongly recommended.


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