Business owners know how important is to have a support system to make sure daily operations run smoothly.

Doesn’t matter if you make cakes, sell real estate, or run a cafe; you can’t run a successful business without a little help with your friends.

When at all possible, I prefer to do business with local businesses. In fact, a recent report from The UPS Store suggests that other business owners share my sentiment as they found that

“more than 90 percent of small business owners would prefer to do business with other local business owners.”

So true!   In my business I work with local attorneys, accountants, and bankers to make sure my clients get referred to people I know are going to take care of them.

Same applies in my personal life whether it be ordering a birthday cake for one of my sons, or getting an electrical inspection done on my home.

It’s important to be to buy and support local businesses.

This video from UPS pretty much sums that up.








Do you support your local businesses?

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  1. cgirl says

    As a consumer, I try to balance my need to buy things cheaply with my desire to support local businesses. I have one caveat though; they have to provide good service. A couple years ago, a locally owned bookstore closed down in our town. Many people lamented the loss of the locally owned book store. I didn’t miss it. I had tried to shop at this book store for several years–but they never had any books I was interested in. I remember one time where I went in looking for new books; all the books were the same ones I passed over 6 months ago.

    Contrast this with our local board game store, Armored Gopher Games. Again locally owned small business. I walk in and Dave says “Hi” and asks what he can help with. He suggests games based on what we’ve bought before; what we seem to be interested in and what we’ve mentioned liking. He holds tournaments, game days, fundraisers, campaign playing every night of the week. He is actively trying to enrich the local game community and because of that we spend (often 15-20%) more to buy games from him.

    When buying food I have three criteria: local, organic, and cheap. If I can score any two of those things I feel like it’s a win. When dealing with businesses I think those same sort of criteria apply: local, good service and cheap. I’m not going to buy from you just because you’re local; if you want me to spend more of my money with you you have to provide service as well.

  2. says

    I like supporting local businesses and do so for my mailbox services even. I support ParcelPedia, a truly local shop. Ironically, UPS slaps their logo on these locally owned shops and then doesn’t hold them accountable or provide support. I had a negative experience with a UPS store and called UPS for help. They didn’t provide any support and said I’d have to talk to the local owner, who was the one that gave me the bad experience. I’m out $250 because of this “local” facade. Sorry for the rant but this commercial make me cringe.

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