How to Find a Trustworthy Online Course


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  1. says

    Thanks for the article! I think that as with almost every class, it is what you make of it. However, I feel this is even more so the case with online classes where you don’t have the physical presence of the instructor there motivating you.

  2. says

    Great post Jeff. This is a topic I am deeply passionate about. That is one reason I work with – I truly believe that online courses have a power of redefining education for the 21st century not just in Tier A countries but also bottom tier ones. There are some obvious advantages of online courses [learn from a teacher you always wanted to but is in another country in an economical and convenient fashion]. However, with the opportunity also come the land grabbers. Here are some additional tips to guard against them:

    # Does the course have a publicly announced refund / money back policy?
    # What is the background of the teacher – are there independent web pages and reviews for the teacher and / or the course?
    # Is the course from a university or a platform you can trust?

    Great post. Keep posting. Thanks!


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