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My husband and I have found our dream home, but we are dealing with a hard headed real estate agent who currently owns it. She has it on the “hidden” market but is too high for us at this time.

Our house is currently on the market, we are having cold feet and our debating taking it off. Do you recommend us socking away more on our mortgage, we could pay a extra 400/month and pay off in 6 yrs while we are waiting on her to hopefully reconsider on the “dream home” or try to sell and see what happens?

Which would possibly send us in to renting and saving that way. I hope I was clear enough on my question.. We don’t want to make a HUGE mistake.. Hope to hear from you soon.. Thanks so much for the awesome site!

We are parents of two boys, another reason I love to read House of Rose :) we have one that strips down after preschool into his underwear.


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    LOL answers in your pockets! I would say that like yo mentioned dream home is just what you think today. Two years from now it may not be what they were looking for. When just purchased and though we didn’t get our dream home we are close to our dream neighborhood. There are a lot of homes out there and more are being built.

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