Who said filing taxes was a chore?

If you are always on the go for business or personal reasons, or just are addicted to using your iPhone or Android for anything you do, Snap-Tax is what you have been waiting for. Snap Tax allows you to fill out your taxes completely on your mobile phone. The only draw back to Snap Tax is that you are only able to fill out a 1040ez so far, but with Turbo Tax being the main source behind the production, further application is on the near horizon. Snap Tax could be the fastest way possible to file your taxes, using Snap Tax people have filed there 1040ez in under ten minutes. How does this work, by giving you the ability to actually take a picture of your W-2 with your smart phone, and using the new software that Snap-Tax uses, it will automatically fill out the rest of the information on your 1040ez for you.

Filing Your Taxes with Snap Tax is Easy!


Snap It!

If this sounds convincing to you and you think you would possible be interested in filing your taxes via Snap-Tax, the process is very simple. You can go to and download the easy to use program for either the I-Phone or the Android operating system. After you have downloaded the program you will need to snap a photo of your W-2 form. This might take a total of 1-3 pictures because the pictures will need to be high quality for Snap Tax to recognize the information.

File Your Taxes in Seconds


File It!

Once you have done so, Snap Tax will auto recognize the pertinent information on the W-2 and fill it into the 1040ez in seconds. After the majority of the information has been filled into the 1040ez for you, the program will then take you through a series of yes or no questions just like the original Turbo Tax program so that it can make sure you are getting the maximum possible refund.

After you have had all of the information filled out for you, and you have answered all the rest of the remaining questions needed so that you could file your taxes with 100% accuracy, all you have to do is file them via your phone and the process is over. You have now filled for your taxes in only a matter of minutes. This application is great for kids as well as dependants on their parent’s taxes.

2nd Time is a Charm

Best of all, the program will only cost you $14.99 and will save your important information to help you file again the following year even easier than the first snaptaxturbotaxlogotime. This technology was only available in California previous to this year, but the application received 4 stars on apples rating system. Millions of people have used the technology so its times for you to get on board as long as you only need to fill out your 1040ez.

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