when are taxes due 2011

Don’t miss the deadline!

If you are like 40% of the population, you will file your tax return as soon as you possibly can in order to A) get it over with and/or B) receive your refund more quickly. More than thirty-eight million taxpayers in the United States file by the end of February. However, if you are one of those lifelong procrastinators who always waits until the last minute… This is not your year!

When are taxes due for 2012? Unlike last year, tax Day falls on the usual 15th day of April, so this year your 2012 tax return is due Monday, April 15th, 2013.

In previous years (and to come in future years) you can sometimes get a few days extension due to a combination of interesting circumstances. In the United States, the tax deadline can never fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If April 15th lands on a weekend, taxes will not be due until the following Monday. Tax Day can also not be on a federal holiday.

Filing Taxes Due Date

What’s interesting is sometimes the tax filing date also falls on Emancipation Day that is celebrated in Washington, D.C. So even if April 15th falls on a weekend, in certain years the tax date will be pushed out to the following Tuesday instead of Monday in order to celebrate Emancipation Day. Emancipation Day is the anniversary of the Compensated Emancipation Act; that is, the day Abraham Lincoln freed 3,100 slaves in the District of Columbia – making them the first to be freed by the federal government. Emancipation Day was made an official public holiday in 2005. Thanks to President Lincoln and the weekend rule, we all have a few extra days to figure out our taxes.

Note: Since you don’t have a few extra days to file this year, I would encourage you to not put it off too long. Their are penalties and fines if you don’t file your tax return or even file it late.

Reasons to File Your Taxes On Time

Although we sometimes get a few extra days to file, taxpayers should still try to get their tax returns filed expediently for several reasons.

  • If you are expecting a refund you definitely want to file as early as you can. The earlier you complete your return, the earlier you will receive your check. Sometimes you can even get your money back before the tax deadline! Those who complete their returns closer to that deadline end up having to wait as the government is literally swamped at that time.
  • For those who end up owing taxes, did you know you can still file early and just postdate your check? This way you take care of your taxes early in the game, but keep your money in your bank for a longer period of time.
  • No matter what your financial situation, having to complete your tax return is a task that is somewhat unpleasant to have hanging over your head. Reduce stress and get it done now!

Remember, most other federal income tax deadlines remain the same. For example, state income tax returns are still due on April 15th and the overseas exception due date is still June 15th, 2013. However, any taxpayer needing to file an individual federal income tax return extension will have until October 15th.


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  1. Katerina says

    If you itemize (see if your iztmieed deductions on 1040, Schedule A exceed your standard deduction, which is $10,700 for married filing joint, $7850 for head of household, $5350 for single or married filing separate in ’07), you may deduct EITHER state and local income taxes OR your state and local general sales taxes. You cannot deduct both. You make your election on line 5 of Schedule A by checking box a for income taxes or box b for general sales taxes. The option to claim sales taxes instead of income taxes will not be allowed following 2007 unless Congress extends the law permitting this option.

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