Most of us spend some thought on how to make a little extra money. Whether you are trying to get out of debt a little faster, or whether you want to boost your savings, a little extra cash is almost always welcome. If you want to make a little extra money on the weekend, there are things you can do. With a little creative thinking, it is possible to make a few bucks every weekend. Here are 4 ideas:

1. YOU are Your Greatest Asset: Selling Bits of Yourself

You can get money for donating different parts of your body. Plasma donation can provide you with up to $35 a pint, depending on where you go. You can also be paid for bone marrow. It’s a little harder to find facilities that will pay you for bone marrow, but it’s a cool $200 for 50 cubic centimeters in some places. You can even donate white blood cells. Spend four hours, and make as much as $350. If you have the entire weekend free, you can donate while blood cells in a three-day procedure and earn as much as $750. There are also places to sell your hair. In the end, what you already have can be a way to earn money fast.

2. Service with a Smile: Waiting Tables and Bar Tending

One of my favorite jobs was waitressing. I always had cash — and at one of my jobs I only worked on the weekend. It is possible to work weekends, or hire on as an alternate for weekends. The same is true of bar tending. However, it helps to have prior experience in these areas if you want to be called upon. And you have to be willing to come in with a short amount of notice if you are “on call” in one of these jobs.

3. Go Green: Recycling

In some places, you can still take aluminum cans to a facility and be paid by the pound for them, helping the planet and helping yourself. But it’s not just cans that can get you paid. My brother changed his own brake rotors, and not only did he save money by doing it himself, but he also got some quick cash when he took it the metal recycler down the street. Look around at the metal you have; it might be worth something. Additionally, if you are in a state that returns a deposit for glass bottles, you can gather some up and get some cash. (Realize, though, that transporting bottles across state lines from a non-deposit state to one that offers a return is illegal.)

4. Your Junk is Another’s Treasure: Selling Your Stuff Online

Go through your stuff, and sell it online. You can add one or two items to Craigslist or eBay, and let your social network know about it through Facebook and Twitter. Do this on the weekends until your junk is all cleaned out. If you are a little more ambitious, you can look for great deals at yard sales and then bring it back and sell it for more online. Offer your services to those in your town who might not be as Internet savvy. Ask for a commission on the sale for putting the item up on their behalf.

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