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Reader Comments

  1. I am wanting to start a professional blogg. I need a company who can built me a very professionl website . I am willing to pay a decent amount of the money. Let me know something please. concerning this issue. .Thabks
    Stacey Jurhree, Ph,D
    Political Scientist

  2. How do I get into the Freelance Writing Business?

    • Hi Deborah – I would think the best approach would be to offer to provide free content for magazines and websites. You might also try newspapers. The idea is to get a portfolio of published work. Once you do, you can put together a resume, and offer your services for paid work. Try searching the web for how to break into freelance writing. A lot would depend on the type of freelancing you want to do. For example, articles, web content, ad copy, research, or even books.

  3. I am a local artist and I’m looking to make a living at it.

    • Hi David – I don’t know anything about making a living as an artist, but I’d guess you might try offering to sell your work through local galleries. I did know one artist (maybe two) who offered their art to hang in restaurants for free, but each has a sale price. If a patron buys the painting, the artist splits the profits with the restaurant. There might be other businesses you can work that out with.

  4. I like to start a business. But I am not getting idea what business to start. Kindly give me an idea.

    • Hi Sreeja – We’ve already provided 23 for you. If those don’t work for you, do a web search and check out the many ideas that are out there. When you find one that will be a good fit you’ll know it, and you’ll have found your business. The search is almost the hardest part.

  5. This is really good information. I am encouraged and will definetly established my own business. What’s funny is I was looking to search about how I can make money on YouTube and here we are,with all this information.

  6. Interested to do Freelancer Jobs as below –
    1.Techno / Commercial – Co-ordinations ( Qualification – Mechanical Engg – MBA / familiar in Steel Forgings & Machined Components / Marketing , Out Sourcing , Costing , Finance …. etc;)
    2. Content Writing – pertaining to above subjects or General -contents .

    • Those are all very specific writing niches. Do some research on the web to see if there are any guides for that kind of writing. Also, become a regular reader of websites, blogs and print media that specialize in those areas. Then see what the requirements are to begin writing for them. You might have to offer some free content just to get your name out there, and build a published resume. Good luck!

  7. Its a nice one .. Are these the only self employed jobs in USA ?

    • Hardly Austin – Hardly! It’s just a sampling of just 23 of the hundreds of ideas there are.

  8. Hi, I really like the grocery shopping idea because I love grocery shopping. Any ideas on how to get started?
    Cheers H

    • Hi Heidi – Google grocery shopping ideas, and see what comes up.

  9. great ideas, thanks for the write up. on my own I love acting and I wish to become an actor but I don’t know how to start. I know the person need to have connection but someone need to build itself up from home so I need more enlightenment on it

  10. Great innovative ideas…!
    My passion is in the FOOD industry – to import a particular food & process & package it into smaller quantity, affordable to all & export to Africa & other countries.
    I will appreciate to go into partnership to achieve this GREAT BUSINESS IDEA IN ME.

    • Hi Austine – First you’ll have to find a partner. Check food industry publications, or the business section of Craigslist and other publications where investors/partners may be available. Finding a reliable partner will probably be your biggest hurdle. Also check into the laws and regulations concerning both food production and exporting of food. I think this will be one of the tougher business ideas, since it will involve food processing, preservation and shipping. Good luck to you.

  11. Hi!

    I like the idea of buying goods cheaper and sell expensively.

    I want to buy clothes and brand them with my own design logo and label brand and sell expensive, will that work?

    • Hi Neo – That’s more about manufacturing than anything else. It will be costly to get into, though my GUESS is you can find low cost overseas providers of the clothing. But it’s a crowded field, with nearly every retailer out out there selling designer brands. I don’t know anything about that business, but I’d do A LOT of research first. Also, talk to people already in the business.

  12. I’m already a avertising ads person i see it’s dosen’t generate any sale or commission and i’m starting blog too but nothing seem to generating money for me

    • Hi Davy – If you just started to blog that may be the reason. You have to be at it a few months, or a year or longer and have a few thousand visitors per month at least.

  13. all i would like to know how to start this career as i do not see a link

    • Hi Lorraine – There are no links because these are business ideas you have to start yourself. Do some research on any of these ideas you want to start, and see what the process is.

      • Hi jeff thanks for the information i will start researching now

  14. This is most helpful. You have highlighted how many options there are for people who are willing to put the work in, and perhaps aren’t afraid to break the mould a little. And, laid out without the clutter! Thank you, Jeff.

  15. hmmm I’m not sure why everyone is so damn negative on this. I’ve gone to college for recording engineering, been a sound engineer to a podcast (paid gig), done live sound (paid), been a voiceover artist (paid), made sound for commercials (paid), and video games (paid), I’ve also been paid to do some light video and audio editing for a few webcam models (porn). You have to be willing to do what pays. You have to work HARD. You won’t have as much time off as you did before. You won’t get paid as much at first. If ever. The only rewards are that you are beholden to nobody, and you’re presumably doing something you love, or at least don’t hate. It is however NOT a vacation. That said, it’s also absolutely possible. Just expect to have to work, and probably spend time working a “real job” at first and doing your “other job” on your off days and in your spare time. Eventually you’ll find a place where you make enough to take a pay cut and quit your day job. It’s not for everyone but don’t believe the assholes who tell you not to work for yourself and don’t believe the people who say it’s a vacation. As with all things the truth lies in between. Lastly there has to be a market and if you don’t have talent for something don’t try to get paid for doing it. Your family and friends might listen to you sing but that doesn’t mean you have the talent, stage presence, or popularity to become a rock star. However, if you can walk a dog and everyone in your area has dogs and nobody offers dog walking services…you probably can make money.

    • Hi Chloe – That’s a hard hitting assessment of self-employment, and one of the best I’ve ever read. Yes, you should do something you like, but no, it won’t be a vacation. I think what stops more people from trying is the “ramp up” – getting from where you are now, to where you want to be. Self-employment is like rolling a ball up hill. It takes a lot of effort until you get to the top, then it gets easier. Most people underestimate that climb, or don’t want to make it. But unless you fall into something (luck) you’ll always have to work twice as hard to get started.

  16. Whenever I see an article like this that has “voiceover artist” on it I know it’s a scam. That’s a highly-specialized field requiring a lot of experience and connections, almost always done through a talent agent.

    • It’s not scam Jennifer. People are actually making money as voiceover artists. There may be scams out there, but there are scams attached to a lot of different ventures.

  17. It’s “Tumblr,” not “Tumbler” (at least when referring to the social network).

  18. I used to have a job. *dramatic pause*
    I used to report to a boss. *yawn*
    I used to get fired by said bosses for any number of reasons but that all changed once I got a job writing vague lists, each point highlighted in a brief 3 paragraph format I learned in school. Yes, I actually get paid for this- and good thing too, because my identity and self-worth are “invested” in it- and you can do this too. I won’t go into details as inspiration is an easy thing to fill people up with, like false hope, and it costs me nothing but time

  19. Not sure what happened to my comment the first time.

    How does one find out about those podcasting jobs? Pick a couple businesses and email them? I’ve never seen any such job advertisements for such things.

  20. How do I even begin to find out which companies are looking for someone to do their podcasts? Randomly email some places ? I’ve never really seen any kind of job advertisements for that anywhere . And while I would love to do voice over, you need skills and talent . And if you don’t have that, lots of money for training and lessons, a demo reel and an agent. None of which I have.

    Über driver ? Really ?

    • Hi Sophie – Do you have a website advertising your service? If not, you might want to look into that. Make it a point to check out Craigslist and see what you find there. You can also regularly check a site called Problogger They have a dedicated job page for work in the blogging field. I’d also design an email to introduce yourself and your services and send it out to websites that have podcasts. You never know who might need help or decide it’s time to change the help they have. Good luck!

  21. Not sure why the negative remarks , but I was searching for ideas for a self employee work opportunity and your list , gave me what I needed . I found a perspective that made clear that each area that a person lives will have possibilities , it just depends on what the demands are , that is something an individual has to put a little effort into researching . Thank you for your the information you have provided ,it has been very helpfull .

  22. Terrible list. Comedian? It takes years and even after that there’s no guarantee you’ll make money off of it.

    • Hi Arnie – You’re making a very general statement. People do actually find ways to monetize activities that they like. In fact, it happens all the time. Not saying it’s quick or easy, but it is possible.

  23. Great list! But home staging…really? Very sad that our society has become so shallow that folks buying a house can’t see past whatever the current owners may have in it! Come on, you are buying the walls and the property, not what’s in it.

    • For some potential clients they cannot see past the clutter or other things. Home Staging is a GREAT business that is really needed and is growing daily. – In my opinion Home Staging should have been number 2 on the list. Great article

      • Uh, @Yandre,

        I made a great living staging homes and show-units in apartment complexes. Plus, I was doing something I love! I didn’t want to DESIGN nor SHOP, nor DECORATE, nor DEAL WITH CLIENTS. Therefore, staging was perfect. All of the items were there, all I had to do was Feng Shui it up. There’s a science to improving the outcome of a potential sale. Staging is one of the best ways to do this. It’s not about looking past the clutter, lighting, etc…It’s about making a home/apartment look as presentable as possible, and making the potential buyers as comfortable as possible. You can’t tell me that you want to walk into a home you’re interested in, and see a stack of mail, an empty toilet paper roll, shoes next to the door, dirty windows with rips in the screen, personal food items out on the kitchen counter, dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I could go on forever. You want to be able to envision your own things in the home, and mess/clutter/accessory-free for the sake of making the home feel larger, brighter, and welcoming. So, either bash society in the realms of unhealthy habits, greed, poor manners, and ethical issues if you choose to focus on the negative OR see the beauty, and understand that there’s much to learn about everything. A better way to reply would have been to simply ASK to absorb why Home Staging is an occupation…then judge all you want. We folks out here are thrilled to be learning about these different ideas, and APPRECIATE the article. Cool? Cool.


        • I agree with everything that you’ve said. Because I can’t afford Design School. Art, Design and Mom telling me that I have a great imagination and being a thrifty gal who can design the heck out of a $3.00 old chair, I am self taught to use my imagination and be very creative with home decorating and staging and its awesome. So to all of the self doubting haters, I’ll see you on the next addition of my episode of DIY.

          • That’s the perfect attitude for someone who wants to become self-employed, Nicholette! Self-employment is all about tapping into your talents and skills and making your own job from the ground up. You’ll do well!

        • I’m interested in the home staging concept, managed to sell my old flat within 48hours having decluttered and staged for the market. Have you any tips on how to get started? Any advice is very much appreciated.

          • Hi Emma – I’ve never done staging myself, but maybe you can become friends with someone who does it in your area, and pick their brains. They may be reluctant, but it may be worth it to pay them as a career coach to help you learn the business.

  24. This is a thought-proving list you’ve put together. Probably the only idea that wouldn’t work in my geographic area is the grocery delivery service, because at least two supermarket chains in my region already offer that service for a reasonable fee.

    As far as business ideas I’m working on, I’m developing a couple entrepreneurial blogs that are gaining some traction, and I’ve also started a few other ones that are on the back burner (As a former radio newscaster, I’m thinking of branching out into doing voice-over work, too.) I believe persistence is the key to success in small business, and it also helps a lot to enjoy the process and be willing to continually try different strategies.

  25. Great list, Jeff. I currently have a blog that earns a consistent $10k a year and now my wife and I are starting to invest in real estate! In the next 5 years or so, I’ll likely be a millionaire and will out-earn my current job with passive income. At that point, I’ll probably be able to make a decent amount speaking about my experience as well, huh? Thanks again for the post!

  26. Great article, thanks! One I didn’t see on the list was PT dog caregiver or dog walker. You can earn a nice extra income, or make it a full business. Can be very lucrative (especially in urban areas), provides you and the dog with some great exercise, and if you love dogs, well, you’re set!

    • What separates you from the everyday wanna be dog walker

      • what separates you Russell from the other judgmental people we run into over the internet? that is a great point Wendy and i have previously considered dog walking myself and i once made £20 per week from doing so in the very little spare time i had. i suppose its not much, but it wasn’t my main career and it was £5 for a 1 hour walk.

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