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Your credit history and three-digit credit score has always mattered but in today’s economy it matters more than ever.

If you have less-than-stellar credit, there is no time to waste in getting your financial matters back on track and finally master your credit.

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Credit Matters to Everyone

More industries are now relying on your consumer credit score before they will agree to provide products or services. If you are eligible for loans and other services, you may still find you have to pay way too much because your credit score is not where it should be.

There are many ways you, as a consumer, has the power to resurrect your credit from the bad place it may now live. There is no need to hire and pay for third party services if you are willing to commit to repairing your credit and maintaining it on your own into the future.

I have compiled a list of valuable credit repair and credit maintenance techniques to ensure you can continue to create a stable financial profile in the future.

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Getting Started – The Initial Credit Fix

If you are here because you have damaged your credit and don’t know how to start turning things around, here are some articles to help you kick off your new commitment to revamping your credit.

If you’re wanting to pay off your credit cards, this calculator might help:

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

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Importance of Good Credit Articles

Good credit matters to more than just your bank. If you plan on getting auto insurance, a job, cable television, or a cell phone, you’ll need to make sure your credit is in good standing.


What Not To Do With Your Credit Score

There are a lot of options for improving your credit score but there are just as many ways to bring your credit score down and put a negative spin on your credit history. Here are some articles highlighting what not to do with your credit score:

Credit Scams

Within the financial industry, including in the credit score business, there are cons and scams affecting victims every day. Here are some credit score scams you should know about so you can prevent becoming a victim.

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