Financial Planning

It's time for a financial plan

Going through life without goals or plans to reach them is like sailing the ocean on a ship with no destination.

Financial planning is a process everyone needs to commit to in order to achieve their goals and dreams for the future. 

It is through planning that we’re able to overcome the inevitable financial obstacles that pop up along the way, like the time I had to decide whether I should give up $36,000 a year to write my blog; or learning how to budget if you lose your job.

Financial planning is the way to make smart financial decisions that help make sure you have the money you need today, and the money you need in the future.  When you take action and make a plan for your money, you avoid making costly financial mistakes and take control over your life instead of letting your money (or lack of it) control you.

Should You Work With a Financial Planner?

Some people like to figure things out for themselves, and prefer the “learn as you go” approach to financial planning.  If you’d rather get on track without costly mistakes and get help from a professional, here are some articles I’ve put together to help you choose and work with a financial planner:

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Working With a Financial Planner

Once you have chosen a financial planner, you’ll want to work closely with that person to establish your goals and expectations.   Here are some articles to get you started, knowing what to ask your advisor and things you hope your advisor won’t say!

Getting Started With Financial Planning

When you think about “financial planning” it can get overwhelming really fast.  I mean, it covers your entire life from your college years to when you get married, have children, when the children go to college, when you retire – financial planning is needed for every stage of life.  Rather than get overwhelmed into inaction, here are some articles to get you started:

 Financial Planning For Women

Women have some unique needs when it comes to finances.  First of all, women tend to live longer than men, meaning they need their money to stretch the additional years of their lives.

Additionally, women are still making slightly less in the workplace than the average male.  I try to cover financial planning topics so it helps the majority of people, but here are some articles I wrote specific to women’s financial planning needs:

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