Have you struggled with credit card debt and finally had enough?

I can relate. In college I foolishly charged almost $10k on several credit cards and bought a bunch of crap.

It was beyond ridiculous.

Luckily, I meant my soon to be wonderful wife and she helped me to realize the error in my ways.

Together we developed a plan and in a few years, I was completely debt free. Holla!

If you struggle with credit card debt, here are 4 easy ways you can reduce that debt today.


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  1. says

    Hi Jeff! I’ve had this blog post bookmarked for a while and finally got a chance this morning to watch your vlog. I read your wife, Mandy’s, blog, so it’s nice to be a reader of your blog, too. I’m getting to know the whole family! Ha ha!

    Anyways, credit card debt…it’s my nemesis. While I’m smart about some aspects of paying it down, I’m also quite stupid, too. Years ago, our credit card debt almost cost my husband and I our marriage, but we worked through things and managed to pay off roughly 2/3 of what we owe. I won’t go into the total…it was LARGE…but we’re still struggling with a remaining LARGE balance today. It doesn’t help that we’ve put on more debt either because of unexpected car repairs, purchases, etc. Stupid, I know. But, such is our life while living on one income while I finish graduate school.

    What I’ve done in the past to help pay my credit card debt is to sell my kids’ used clothing on eBay. Whatever I make goes directly to a credit card bill. I was able to pay off a card this way and I am getting ready to list more clothes in hopes of paying off another. I’m also a Thirty-One consultant, and my goal is to use my monthly commission to pay towards my credit card debt. And, gulp, I’m applying for a part-time job. I don’t know how I’m going to swing it with two kids and a full-time grad school load (plus student teaching in the spring), but every little bit counts.

    So, there you have it, a few of the ways I am paying (well, trying) off my credit card debt. And, for the record, I’m totally a list person so I will be crossing each debt off one by one and doing a little happy dance. :) Of course, once THIS debt is tackled, then it will be time to tackle the student loan monster….yikes.

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