Retiring at the age of 30.

It doesn’t seem imaginable does it?

Pete, also known as Mr. Money Mustache. was able to defy odds and retire right before his 31st b’day.

While that may seem insanely crazy to achieve, what might be even crazier is that he thinks you can do it, too.

retire at 30

What You’ll Find in This Podcast

  • What is Pete’s definition of financial independence
  • Learn Pete’s backstory before he was able to retire so young
  • Learn what makes his story different than the average college student
  • Discover the importance of good habits that contributed to Pete’s success
  • Investing is Pete’s thing. Learn how he invests and how we diversifies his income.
  • Convince Pete that you need to have a car payment. I dare you.
  • Think Pete lives in a shack. Think again.
  • There’s no way he travels, right? Actually, he does and spent an entire month in Hawaii with his family.
  • Find out how his family is able to cut back on many useless household expenses.
  • Pete’s new definition of retriement

So of Pete’s best posts on his blog:

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  1. says

    Dear General Public: If you like Mr. Money Mustache but don’t agree with Dave Ramsey then you gotta check yourself!

    Pete (Mr. Mustache) lived a lot of the advice that Dave Ramsey teaches – probably without even knowing who Dave Ramsey was.
    *He lived on less than he earned
    *He pays cash for all his cars (except for that first one)
    *He maxed out retirement plans and then invested in Index funds
    *He purchases real estate after he was out of debt (it sounds like he doesn’t finance much of the purchases either)
    *He doesn’t spend foolishly
    The only thing I heard in this interview that isn’t along the same lines as Dave Ramsey’s teachings is that he uses credit cards. Big deal.

    Jeff, I’ve heard interviews with Mr. Mustache before but your interview told me more about how he became the power blogger he is today. Great job!

  2. says

    Awesome interview! And nice mention on the travel hacking 7 people to Hawaii, that was my post, LoL. :-)

    But I do agree with Pete, travel hacking will net us $5,000 – $10,000 in rewards each year, but optimizing your lifestyle to reduce waste has MUCH higher returns in the long run.

    MMM walks the walk and blows every financial myth out of the water. People would do well to look at his financial model and make changes in their own lives to get to Financial Independence, focusing on the spending rather than the need to save millions.

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