I have many pet peeves.   Telling me you’ll do something then you don’t.   Not offering a “Thank You” when I hold the door for you.   Always complaining that the world is out to get you.

In the financial world, my biggest pet peeve is buying crap that you know – or at least, should know – that you can’t afford.   The latest edition of the “Financial Rant” involves a gentleman that violates almost every pet peeve in existence.

Yes, he’s that bad!   How bad?   You’ll just have to watch and find out…..  😉


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  1. says

    Pet Peeve #63,912 are parents who buy their children motorized vehicles. They are very expensive,children outgrow them in 46.98 seconds AND the fact that no physical activity is required to use these toys. In myyyyyy day a good old fashioned pedal powered toy was just fine for me. A 4 wheeler for a 6 year old? WTF!!!

    Perhaps there is hope for that poor child. Maybe he will go through a rebellious phase and rebel against his moronic father and become an accountant.

    Now you’ll have to excuse I must get ready for my commute to work on my current pedal powered toy, my no nonsense mountain bike.

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