Earlier I shared my two cents on teaching your kids the value of money management.  Since my son is only 19 months (pictured above), I don’t have much “real world” experience on teaching him the fundamentals of managing money.  Sure, he can stick coins in his piggy bank all day long (actually a good tool to keep him occupied for a bit) and toss every cent out of daddy’s pocket  in any fountain, but I don’t think there is any real lesson being taught there.  Maybe one day, right?  I decided to reach out to the personal finance bloggers to share their experiences with kids and money. If you are looking for a site that covers nothing but the topic check out Kids and Money.  Great site with plenty of good info.  Okay,   let’s first  start with some basic principles that anybody can implement.

Preparing For Your First Child

It’s so exciting getting the news that the first one was on the way.  There were so many emotions that day; but,  for anybody that has kids, you know that is just the beginning.  If you were like me and clueless how to be get prepared for your first child, here’s some good reads to give you a good heads up.  If these don’t help, you can always watch TLC or John and Kate Plus 8.   :)

The Baby is Here!

Remember those emotions I was talking about earlier?  Wait until the big day that your child arrives.  Reflecting back, I don’t know how I didn’t pass out.  I have to admit, when it comes to all those birthing videos, I got kind of nauseous.  Call me me weak,  I know.  But it seriously was concern of mine.  I’m glad I have a wife that’s solid as a rock.   Then when he arrived and I got to hold him for the first time it finally  sinked in…..I’m a Dad!  When the little runt finally arrives, here’s some good info to get you on track.


My Baby Is Now a Toddler

It’s amazing how quick they grow.  One day there just laying in the bassinet cooing away, the next they are climbing on the fireplace jumping off for fun.  When they start getting older is when you can start to lay the framework for strong money principles.


Lessons For Your Kids

Kids are a sponge soaking up everything around them.  I remember a couple years ago I was behind a mother and her young daughter waiting to check out a department store.  When it was their time to pay, the mother handed her daughter the department store credit card so she could hand it to the cashier.  I’ll never forget that sight and how much it troubled me.   It’s never too early to teach your kids to appreciate the value of a buck.  Don’t ever take it for granted.   Here’s some good tips to get you going.


Your Child Is All Grown Up

There is going to be a day when I have to realize that my little boy is all grown up.  First there will be high school, then his first car, and then off to college.  Before I get ahead myself let’s come back to real time.  Here’s a good collection of posts addressing when your “little one” becomes a “little adult”.

Thanks for everybody that participated!  It was a blast reading all these and getting a chance to showcase all these great reads.  If you have kids, what are you doing to insure that they grow up financially responsible?

Photos by Jason York Photograpy and my wife Mandy Rose.


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