#LifeAWARE Participants

Thanks to all the participants of the #LifeAWARE movement in preparation for Life Insurance Awareness Month. Below is a list of all the blogs that took part. If you don’t see your link, please include it in the Google Docs form HERE (and let me know).

Life Insurance Movement #lifeaware

  1. Money Crashers, How Much Life Insurance Do I Need: Many people know the importance of life insurance and how it can be so important both to that individual and his or her family and friends, but most don’t know all the factors to consider when deciding exactly how much insurance to get. The goal of this article is to put life insurance in layman’s terms and help people figure out exactly how much life insurance they truly need.
  2. Christian PF, The Importance of Life Insurance: Part of preparation is for our benefit and part of it is for the benefit of our loved ones. In this case you and I won’t have any tangible benefit from purchasing life insurance, but the peace of knowing that our loved ones will have a nice financial buffer is pretty nice.
  3. The-Military-Guide, Military insurance: SGLI, VGLI, SBP, and other benefits: The basics of deciding about military life insurance, and a great military benefits calculator.
  4. The Dividend Guy Blog, Investing and Cash Flow Strategies Through Insurances: There are a few ways to use insurance to generate cash flow or use it as an investment strategy.
  5. Intelligent Speculator, An Overview of the Insurance Sector: There are some great stock picks among life insurance companies. Check them out in this sector review.
  6. Experiglot, Determine Your Life Insurance Needs – Thx to Excel!: This is an easy and free excel tool to determine how much you need in life insurance. You can even download the spreadsheet for free!
  7. The Financial Blogger, Whole Life Insurance Sucks… And The Reason Why We Have One!: In general, I’m definitely not a big fan of whole life insurance as it often too pricey for your needs. However, there are a few situations where whole life insurance is simply the best product.
  8. Insurance Does Matter, 5 Tricks to Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quotes: Here’s a list of 5 tricks to get the lowest insurance quotes possible and still meet your insurance needs.
  9. Fabulously Broke, Life Insurance by Age: Depending on your age, did you know that your insurance need changes? There are products made for each generation. Find out about them in this post.
  10. Green panda tree house, Should You Consider Life Insurance in Your 20s?: We look at the idea of spending your money on life insurance in your 20s.
  11. Do Not Wait, Should You Invest Your Money Into Life Insurance?: With all of the options for your money, where should you be investing your retirement accounts?
  12. Life net insurance, 7 Reasons to Use an Independent Term Life Insurance Agent: This post discusses why using an independent life insurance agent can add real value to the buyer. Many consumers are unaware of the process when looking for coverage and have not given enough thought to the choices available. A good agent can help guide and advise clients in this most important of purchases.
  13. Every Day Minimalist, Decluttering My Insurance Policies To Save Time And Money: Insurance policies are often a mess and very complicated to understand. After a while, you get 4-5 contracts and you don’t even know why you have them. Check out how I’ve decluttered my insurance policies!
  14. Rule Your Wallet Blog, Why I Have Life Insurance and Why You Should Too: Life insurance is a major step in moving my family towards financial security. There are many benefits to purchasing life insurance and all my personal reasons for purchasing life insurance are outline for you. I also cover my family’s story of how we purchased life insurance when we had very little money to put towards life insurance.
  15. Lifeinsurancesage, So You Think You Know Life Insurance: This post will talk about the crux of what life insurance is and is not.
  16. Young Adult Finances, It’s a Wonderful Life Insurance: Just like George Bailey in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, there will be a day when you actually think about life insurance. Let’s hope you do your research before you need to. Do you really need life insurance as a healthy young adult? [I will be doing a video entry as well to air on the go live date. Thanks!]
  17. Money Life and More, Life Insurance Movement – Why I Don’t Need Life Insurance Right Now: To determine how much insurance I feel I need a take a few factors into consideration. They include my age, my assets, my liabilities, who depends on me and, most importantly, how much money they would need to stay on track for a comfortable life should something horrible happen to me and I die.
  18. Wealthy Turtle, Life Insurance is a Vital Component of Any Financial Plan: Mike Collins from the WealthyTurtle.com discusses the importance of including a life insurance policy as part of your overall financial plan. Without adequate life insurance all of your financial planning may be for nothing.
  19. The College Investor, Why Young Families Need Life Insurance More Than Anyone: A look at why families with young children need life insurance more than any other class of people.
  20. Parenting Family Money, Should You Buy Life Insurance for Your Child?: Most people don’t like thinking about life insurance and they are even more hesitant when it comes to a child. Buying life insurance for your child is something to at least think about.
  21. Free From Broke, Term Life Insurance Versus Whole Life Insurance: What is Term Life Insurance? How about Whole Life Insurance? Take a look at what each is and their differences. It’s important you understand the difference before you shop.
  22. Stock Chase, Insurance: Insurance in my mind has one purpose, and one purpose only. To provide an income for your loved ones in the event of your untimely death.
  23. Moms Plans, Why You Need Life Insurance: Explains why I think people need life insurance based on my experience of my dad dying at age 38 with very little life insurance.
  24. Best Rates In, Is Your Family Protected with Adequate Life Insurance?: Life insurance is one of the policies you should have – especially if you have dependents. Are there people depending on you to provide for them? If so, you need life insurance if you don’t want them to suffer a financial catastrophe should you die unexpectedly. They will already have their grief to deal with; you don’t want to add financial burdens on top of that.
  25. Examiner, You have an estate if you own life insurance : Life insurance creates an instant estate and many see an estate as something that rich or wealthy people own. This article shed light on the issue.
  26. More Money Than Month, 3 reasons why your work-based life insurance isn’t good enough: For many years I thought I was covered as far as life insurance goes because I had some as a benefit at work. But relying on a work-based life insurance policy is not a god idea and here are 3 reasons why.
  27. Chatswood, buyers-of-insurance-versus-people-you-convince-to-buy-insurance: A candid description of the problem of people buying life insurance that want to be financially responsible but can’t quite make it – like an unsuccessful dieter – and how as a life insurance financial adviser you may be able to help them.
  28. On Target Coach, Life Insurance: An Act of Love + FAQ About Life Insurance: Buying life insurance is something we avoid, but it is an act of love for our family. Also, frequently asked questions (FAQ) about life insurance are included for education purposes.
  29. Money under 30, When is the right time to buy life insurance?: Do you need life insurance? And, if so, when should you buy it? Should you wait until you have a family, or buy some as soon as you can afford it? Do you ever need life insurance even if you don’t have your own family? We answer these questions and more, dispelling some of the common myths we hear about when to buy life insurance.
  30. Stead Fast Finances, How to Competitively Price Life Insurance: The post teaches readers exactly what to look for to ensure you get the best competitive term life insurance plan, or at least one you’ll be happy to have.
  31. 20S Finances, Do I Need MORE Life Insurance: My post explains when people should consider getting more life insurance and how to weigh the benefits and costs to determine if it is necessary.
  32. Budgets are Sexy, It’s Time For You To Get A Life… Insurance.: Take 10 minutes to think about MMLP today (“Mo’ Money, Less Problems” Insurance) and I’ll leave you alone for the next 4 years! 😉
  33. Club Thrifty, The Necessity of Life Insurance: A Mortician’s View: Every day, I deal with people who have lost a loved one. Every day, I hear the stories of how much these people meant to their families. Unfortunately, almost every day, I meet families who’s loved one has died and left them without the protection of life insurance.
  34. Hinermangroup, Dragging Your Feet Is No Way To Take Care Of Your Family!: A life insurance talk with men, especially young men.
  35. Wisebread, Life Insurance: What to Consider Before Replacing a Policy”: “Set it and forget it”” shouldn’t necessarily be your life insurance motto. Here’s what to consider if you’re shopping for a better policy.
  36. The Term Guy, Join the Life Insurance Movement!: The Term Guy explains how he uses term life insurance to ensure his kids can attend university, and to secure his wife’s retirement should he die early.
  37. Lifeinsurancecanada, Why do I think life insurance is important for my family?: A Canadian life insurance broker describes how he implements different types of life insurance (term, universal life, and joint last to die) to guarantee an inheritence, ensure his kids can attend university, and secure his and his wife’s financial future.
  38. Donna Freedman, Why I have life insurance.: My only child has health issues. I want to make sure I leave something more than fond memories.
  39. Debt Black Hhole, Inside The Debt Black Hole #9 – Life Insurance Movement, Memorial Spaceflights and Cryopreservation: In this special 9th episode of Inside the Debt Black Hole, I talk about the Life Insurance Movement started by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents, give reasons why it’s important for all Geeks to have Life Insurance and provide some unique Sci-Fi sounding options available to Geeks who- like me- want to do something special as a final goodbye or are- also like me- really scared to die!
  40. My123Cents, Wrestling with Life: This is both a blog and a video submission. It’s a bit tongue and cheek with the video, having some fun with wrestling. The blog post is more of the nuts and bolts. Thanks!
  41. Womens Money Week, Ask Yourself: How Much Life Insurance Should I Have?: This post details exactly which questions to ask yourself to determine the amount of insurance you need – such as “Do I want life insurance to just cover my expenses or to increase my family’s wealth?”
  42. Step away from the mall, I hope you really like Angry Birds: Anyone with a smart phone can find $20 per month to buy term life insurance, but there are a bunch of people who would rather waste money so they can throw “virtual birds” at “virtual pigs” instead of making sure their family is taken care of if they happen to walk in front of a city bus while trying to beat their high score! ? That needs to change.
  43. Chuck Rylant, Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?: We often buy life insurance because we’ve been told we should, but we don’t always understand exactly why or if we really need it. Nor do we know how much insurance is right. Today, I’m going to simplify life insurance, dispel myths, and save you money.
  44. My Family Finances, Reasons Why Families Need to Get Life Insurance: Take It From a Guy Not Trying to Sell You a Policy: Life insurance often comes packaged with the impetus of doom and although it’s important to act and act quickly, it’s a marketing ploy that is completely unnecessary. There are plenty of convincing reasons for buying life insurance; I need not frighten you.
  45. One Money Design, Why Is Life Insurance Important for My Family?: Years ago something important happened in my life. I got married and it caused me to get serious about my finances and get life insurance to protect my loved ones.
  46. Cash Money Life, Life Insurance, Part of a Comprehensive Financial Plan: Life insurance should be a part of every individual’s financial planning. Unfortunately, many people overlook life insurance in favor of focusing on investments or other financial issues.
  47. The Military Wallet, Types of Life Insurance for Military Members: We take a look at the various life insurance programs available to military members, including those offered through the military and government agencies.
  48. High Yield Savings Accounts, How To Get Life Insurance With No Medical Exam: Many companies offer life insurance without requiring the individual to take a medical exam. But these policies don’t always offer as much coverage as other insurance policies and may be more expensive. We cover this topic and help people know what to look for.
  49. Moneylicious, Why Life Insurance is Important: Life insurance is about providing a peace of mind. Statistical information is not enough to motivate people to purcahse life insurance. You have to meet people where they are at in their lives and tell their story.
  50. Make love not Debt, Our Life Insurance Decision: After we got married, our first priority was to get life insurance. Here’s the steps we took.
  51. Edward Antrobus, How Much Life INsurance Do You Need?: Life insurance is a very real need that many people ignore. But at the same time, you probably don’t need as much as you think you do.
  52. Three Thrifty Guys, Do I Need Life Insurance?:
  53. The Loonie Bin blog, When Life Happens: The Importance Of Life Insurance: We all know that talking about insurance is as fun as using a metal slide on a hot summer’s day, but I personally believe insuring one’s life is the most important step that anyone can take when it comes to your family’s well being.
  54. Beating Broke, The Life Insurance Movement: Covering the basics of life insurance, and urging you to have some, even if it isn’t enough yet.
  55. Money Plan SOS, The math behind Whole Life and Term Life Insurance: What is the real difference between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance? I expose the truths behind the costs and show how one has better long-term benefits than the other for a majority of young adults. Audio recording is also available.
  56. I heart Budgets, Death: The Only Reason For Life Insurance: Premature death. None of us want it to happen to us, but if it does, life insurance will allow your family to grieve without a huge financial burden.
  57. Bible Money Matters, 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance Today (And 2 Why You Shouldn’t): Life insurance is an uncomfortable topic, but it’s one we all need to talk about. Here are 8 reasons why you should buy term life insurance today, and 2 reasons why you shouldn’t.
  58. Insurance blog by chris, A Fresh Perspective in Selling Life Insurance: How Jeff Rose’s “Life Insurance Movement” and the death of a friend helped me gain a bold new perspective in selling life insurance.
  59. My Money Blog, Life Insurance Advice From a Life Actuary: Advice about buying life insurance from the people who actually design the insurance – actuaries. Thanks!
  60. Retire Happy Blog, Life insurance is the Foundation of your Financial Life: Most people never want to discuss life insurance or see a life insurance agent, but it is the foundation of a good financial plan. Without life insurance, an unexpected early death could crumble the rest of the plan.
  61. Group Benefits Online, Converting Group Life Insurance: Some benefit plans allow for conversion privileges and one of the most common examples of this is converting a group life insurance plan into a personal plan.
  62. Balance Junkie, Five Unconventional life insurance tips: Some of the common issues around life insurance are whether you need life insurance, how much and what type. Here’s some other tips to think about.
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  64. See Debt Run, Insurance for the Rainiest of Days: A fear of death and a feeling of invincibility can’t keep me from the reality that life insurance is one of the most important investments that you can make.
  65. Married With Debt, Confessions for a Life Insurance Movement: Rather than a guilt-trip or lesson, John offers some life insurance confessions, including being underinsured and afraid of needles, which causes him to pay a higher rate.
  66. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, Life Insurance: How Much Does Your Household Need?: We’ve all learned in various situations that “it’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it”; this is most critically true when it comes to life insurance. But how much is enough? Further, how much is too much?
  67. Life Happens, Calling All Moms (and Dads) to the LIfe Insurance Movement: I don’t think I’ll die prematurely, but how the heck do I know if that’s true or just wishful thinking. The point is I don’t. That’s why I have life insurance. I want to make sure that if something were to happen to me, my husband could focus on raising our son without it being made infinitely more difficult with financial worries.
  68. Your Smart Money Moves, Life Insurance: Why Do You Think 1 Million Dollars Is A Lot Of Money?: Having been a practitioner involved with life insurance over the past 21 years, I have unfortunately had to deliver my fair share of insurance checks. When I met people who have lost a loved one and now have to build them a financial plan, never once did I hear them say, “Boy, I’m so angry my life insurance agent sold me too much insurance!” Rather, I hear horror stories from widows who cannot understand why their husband didn’t take out more life insurance. Or, they assured their spouse that they would be ‘well taken care of’ if anything happened to them. This is the story for many families across America.
  69. My Journey To Millions, Why I Purchased Whole Life Insurance on My Child and Why I think EVERYONE Should Consider Doing So: Between the logical and low cost of a decent mutual whole life policy I am not sure why any wouldn’t at least consider purchasing a life insurance policy on their child.
  70. Canadian Finance Blog, Why Life Insurance is Important: We don’t really like to think about death, but life insurance is important since you never know what is going to happen next.
  71. Stupid Cents, Term Life Insurance: Lots of Coverage for a Small Cost: Term life insurance covers you only for a specified term. A term life insurance policy is inexpensive and many come with a renewal option.
  72. Personal Dividends, Your Family Needs Life Insurance: Your family needs life insurance because it provides financial support for them in the event of you losing your life, and peace of mind while you are alive.
  73. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, Getting Married: What Happens to Life Insurance Policies : When you get married, a lot of things from both your life and your partner’s life get thrown together, including finances, households, families and a host other things that you cannot really predict. But one thing you can take care of is dealing with your life insurance policies. There are a few things new couples can do to either enhance their life insurance coverage or reduce the amount they pay in premiums.
  74. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, Women And Life Insurance: 4 Reasons Why We Need To Be Prepared For The Inevitable: Many women have either no or too little life insurance. Historically, women were almost never adequately insured.
  75. Add-Vodka, The Life Insurance Movement: I’m Indifferent: A description of Daisy’s thoughts about life insurance when you are young and don’t have children.
  76. Solutions Financial, If you could rename life insurance, what would you call it?: If I could rename life insurance I think I would call it Realization Insurance. Why, Life insurance has so many uses and without it, realizations could not happen such as a Childs education to continue, a home for loved ones to live in, a business partner able to continue with his business, an estate left whole, a cottage to say in the family, an adult child having funds for home ownership, a grandchild being able to start life with a good foundation, and so many more wonderful things that could happen with realization insurance.
  77. Payoff, 5 Important Reasons You Need Life Insurance: Understanding why life insurance is important and the benefits behind getting enough coverage.
  78. Root Financial, Thinking of Buying Life Insurance? Start With “Why: Thinking of Buying Life Insurance? Start with “Why”
  79. Roth IRA.com, The Life Insurance Movement (for retirement investors): Looking at some of the parallels between life insurance and retirement savings.
  80. Consumerism Commentary, Life Insurance: Who Needs It?: I don’t have life insurance, but I don’t have dependents, debt, or expenses that can’t be covered from my savings. But if that doesn’t apply to you, consider life insurance.
  81. Cultivating Wealth, Parents, Please Cross Life Insurance Off Your List: As expectant parents or parents of young kids, you’ve heard that you should get life insurance, even if you already have some through your job.
  82. Life insurance by Jeff, When is the Right Time to Buy Life Insurance?: The only time really start thinking about life insurance is when certain life events occur. Whether it’s the birth of new child or you lose someone close, it’s these type of events that get the wheels turning.
  83. Usmc, Servicemembers Group Life Insurance – A Great Military Benefit: Military members have access to Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI). SGLI is an affordable group life insurance program that charges a flat rate to all military members, regardless of age, gender, health, or other conditions. It also does not have any war zone exclusions commonly found in traditional life insurance policies.
  84. One Solution For, Why I Have Life Insurance: I knew I needed to evaluate my personal financial plan once my wife and I decided we were going to start having children. One part of that plan was to make sure our family would be taken care of, financially, if I died before we built up a college fund for our children, had a paid for house, and had enough savings built up so that my wife could raise our children if I was no longer around to provide an income.
  85. Consumerboomer, How to Compare Life Insurance Policies: Let’s look at closer look at all the options when we compare the different types of life insurance policies and which might be best for your situation.
  86. Careful Cents, The Number One Reason Why You Need Life Insurance (and How Much is Enough): The motivation for having life insurance and the reasons behind why it’s important. Plus how much is enough coverage and who might need more or less, for each stage of life.
  87. Healthy Wealthy Families, Life Insurance: Give the Gift of Care and Love to Your Family”: Today’s post is part of a national Life Insurance Awareness Movement. More than 115 bloggers and financial advisors are collaborating TODAY to flood the Internet with good information about a subject that can be tough to think about—nobody likes to think about their mortality—but is really a financial necessity for any responsible person with financial dependents.
  88. Meg Financial, Why Is Life Insurance So Important?: I have devoted my entire career to helping individuals and businesses secure peace of mind with life insurance. Over the years, we have paid 31 death claims. Seeing the consequences of the “miracle of life insurance” first hand, I can testify to the profound impact that it has on people’s lives. Life insurance is absolutely mandatory to protect those you love the most!
  89. M2 Insurance, Life Insurance : A Tool in your Financial Tool Box: The Importance of Life Insurance and how it should be a Tool in your Financial Tool Box
  90. Keeping up with Kennedy, The Life Insurance Movement:
  91. Hullfinancialplanning, What Do I Need to Consider When Purchasing Life Insurance: This video is a compilation of my rules of thumb when considering life insurance as a part of my personal finance FAQ series.
  92. Money, The Only Time to Buy Life Insuranec is Now! : Do not believe that you are somehow blessed and fortunate to where bad things never happen. I’ve seen it happen far too many times to know the truth.
  93. Blog, Four Reasons to Have Life Insurance Now: The bottom line is that it is imperative to have a good life insurance policy in place to provide for your final expenses and for your loved ones going forward.
  94. Military Pay, Veterans Group Life Insurance Benefits for Military Veterans: Military veterans may be eligible for Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) a group life insurance program which only charges premiums based on age, not on gender, physical condition, or other factors.
  95. Insure Blog, Nick’s Story (Reprised): Cancer affects not just one’s health, but one’s financial decisions, too. Here’s the true story of how one family tried to cope with very limited resources, and how it drove one young man to dedicate his life to making sure other families weren’t left in that position.
  96. Lifeinsurancepremium, The Importance of Life Insurance: Discover how important life insurance is to securing the financial future of your family.
  97. LWM Wealth, Why Own Life Insurance?: Life insurance is an important part of protecting your family from unforeseen events. Like auto and home insurance, consider life insurance coverage.
  98. Term land, Life Insurance Movement Day: Announcement for Life Insurance Movement Day 8/22/2012
  99. USAA, Life Insurance: The First Step: The first step can be the hardest: just do it!
  100. Wind rock insurance, Is dad’s “life insurance at work” enough?: Links to Fox Business story and Life foundation post about the over-estimation most consumers have of term life costs.
  101. PT Money, How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance: How I purchased my life insurance and how you should find the best term life insurance.
  102. Ask June, Life Insur­ance: The First Step: Urges people to take 30 minutes to evaluate life insurance needs.
  103. USAA, Life Insurance: The First Step: Urges people to take 30 minutes to determine life insurance needs.
  104. Taranewby, Life Insurance is a Gift!: My two little boys and i lost our husband and daddy but we were given the gift of Life insurance!!! Protect your family too!
  105. Go Banking Rates, Join the Life Insurance Movement — August 22!”: The cost of everyday essentials like food and shelter can be more of a financial burden than U.S. consumers can manage, which is why some don’t consider additional costs like life insurance. But many people don’t realize that life insurance is absolutely critical to ensure that their family’s lifestyle can be maintained and that arrangements for burial plots can be afforded, if they were to pass away suddenly. The Go Banking Rates team understands the importance of securing a quality life insurance policy, which is why we have jumped on board with Jeff Rose’s Life Insurance Movement to educate the masses about why life insurance is so important.
  106. Life Starter, Join the #LifeAware Movement: We lay the foundation for why we, LifeStarter, recommend life insurance before pursuing any life goals.
  107. IRA Market, A Bill I Feel Good Paying: When my life insurance premium bill arrives every August, I feel good paying it. Unlike my cell phone and health insurance bills, it is simple and straight forward. It’s also the right thing to do. If people depend on you or your income, life insurance should be part of your retirement plan.
  108. Learn Vest, 5 Ways Life Insurance Will Save Your Family”: We truly believe life insurance is one of the most important things to have if you have anyone depending on you for an income. And since today is the launch of the Life Insurance Movement, it’s a perfect time for you to join everyone around the country in signing up for a policy appropriate for you. But just in case you need more convincing to sign up for life insurance, here are five big things it will do to save your family if you or your spouse dies.
  109. Magical Penny, Are you Life Aware? | Life Insurance In a Nutshell”: The idea of untimely death is the the trigger the latest financial movement, #LifeAware, over at another personal finance blog: Good Financial Cents. What would happen if you died and couldn’t provide for your family? For many, life insurance is all about solving that potentially major problem.
  110. Mozdex, Life Insurance for Divorce Agreements: Buying life insurance for divorce settlement. Why people are required to carry a policy for the benefit of their ex spouse.
  111. Spectrum Insurance Group, Life Insurance for High Risk: Helping High Risk Individuals find the life insurance they need at a price they can afford.
  112. The Centsible Life, Life Insurance Movement: Life insurance is a vital part of your financial picture, but for many people it’s overlooked because they either don’t want to think about the need for life insurance or they are unaware how vital it can be, especially for families
  113. Equifax, Four Reasons to Have Life Insurance Now: The bottom line is that it is imperative to have a good life insurance policy in place to provide for your final expenses and for your loved ones going forward.
  114. Love of family and home, Life Insurance Movement….#LifeAware: Sharing a personal story about how life insurance played an intricate role in our family.
  115. Smart on money, Why You Should Have Life Insurance Even If You Are Young And Healthy With No Dependents: Do you really need to have life insurance if you’re young, unmarried and have no dependents? The answer to that question is a resounding.. maybe.
  116. Becoming your own bank, Why I Love Life Insurance: While most people might not love their life insurance, I do… here’s why.
  117. Allianz-Assistance, Travel Life Insurance: Do you need travel life insurance? Find out how and what the benefits and drawbacks are.
  118. Moneysmartlife, Life Insurance Exam Blues: My experience with the life insurance exam and approval process.
  119. Wholesale Insurance News, Jeff Rose’s #LifeAWARE Movement is Here: As I blogged about last week, Jeff Rose’s life insurance movement kicks off today, August 22!
  120. The Chicago financial planner, Life Insurance – You Probably Need It: As a financial planner I am convinced that life insurance coverage is a key element in the financial planning process. Not all clients have a need for it, but it is always something that I look at
  121. Blog, Is Life Insurance Gambling?: Some people might say so. One might say you are tossing money at something on a small chance that you may die young. However, when handled properly, it’s not betting at all. Simply put, it’s part of a bigger picture to protect the financial security of your family. When you buy life insurance, you’re paying for the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of in the event of your sudden demise.
  122. Planting money seeds, Make Sure You Have Adequate Life Insurance: Even if you have life insurance, it’s important to double check to make sure you have adequate life insurance coverage.
  123. Faith and Finance, Is Life Insurance a Waste of Money?: When I heard a 50-year-old man complaining that he wasted 20 years of his life paying into a term life insurance policy, I couldn’t help but think: Is life insurance a waste of money, or did he just not have the right expectations going into it?
  124. Term Life Insurance INC, The Importance of Buying Life Insurance: The loss of a loved one and dealing with everything after can sometimes be overwhelming for those involved.
  125. Annuity think tank, Replacement Insurance: I talk to many people every week that want income for their lifetime. They also want to spend every dime they have ever saved in retirement. And they also want to leave as much of their savings and estate as they can to their beneficiaries. Life Insurance can be used for many different reasons, but used strategically it can be a tremendous benefit to everyone involved. Replacing what we have been working for our whole lives is an equation we work on constantly. Once in retirement, we should not have to watch what we spend, especially, if we are able to use the right combination of insurance.
  126. Annuity think tank, Love Insurance: No, the title of this blog is not a typo. Many of you might be thinking that because we specialize in annuities, that we might not even know how to spell life insurance. Well as it turns out, I purposely wrote “Love Insurance”, because that is what I feel “Life Insurance” should really be called.
  127. Annuitythinktank, Life insurance for your heirs: Why should anyone buy life insurance in one lump sum? It depends, Single Premium Whole Life or SPL is potentially one of the most scarcely used life insurance products in the market.
  128. Annuity think tank, Is Life Insurance Gambling?: Is life insurance gambling? Some people might say so. One might say you are tossing money at something on a small chance that you may die young. However, when handled properly, it’s not betting at all. Simply put, it’s part of a bigger picture to protect the financial security of your family. When you buy life insurance, you’re paying for the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of in the event of your sudden demise.
  129. Annuity think tank, “I hate Required Minimum Distributions and I don’t want to pay them.”: How many times have we heard a client, lead or prospect complain about their RMDs? Many times they ask us if there is any way around paying these RMDs and most of the time we throw up our shoulders and say “It’s uncle sam, and he wants his piece.” The truth is we should using this opportunity to help our clients move their money from it’s current taxable location to a tax-free lump sum position for their beneficiaries. Let’s thank about this for a second. What is our client really saying? He is saying that he does not like taxes.
  130. Guaranteed life insurance, Determine Your Life Insurance Price: How Insurance Companies determine your cost for life insurance. We help you find an affordable policy to fit your budget!
  131. Making the life you Want, Life Insurance For All? Most Definitely!: My personal experiences have led me to feel that life insurance is a necessary expense, and the sooner you’re covered, the better off you’ll be.
  132. From Mrs to Mama, Do You have a Plan?: From Mrs To Mama – I was 23 years old when we opened up our first life insurance plan
  133. Random Crafty Ga Girl, Life Aware: Random Crafty Georgia Girl – Life insurance is usually something that might be an after thought to people until something happens to a spouse.
  134. Multiples and Money, Life Insurance – Just Do It: Stop procrastinating. If somebody is relying on your income, you need life insurance.
  135. American Term, Who Needs Life Insurance?: Life insurance is no longer just for death as you can now get living benefits with life insurance policies, like critical illness and chronic illness riders at no additional charge with some insurance co’s. This trend will grow and more life insurance companies will offer more benefits besides just a death benefit. This should sway some of the “non-believers” to buy life insurance!
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