Think you’ll be able to retire early with gobs and gobs and money?   Well, you might……if you actually save.

In case you missed that…..YOU HAVE TO SAVE!

For some reason, people tend to miss that.    The couple in this video missed it completely.

Hence, my Financial Rant…..


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  1. says

    I loved this rant because I think the same thing so often! I laughed out loud when I read the “with some magical bunnies on the side” because I imagined a couple on a beach with magical bunnies hopping around them. Great job!

  2. Ayla85 says

    I didn’t understand it totally but all that I know is that its regarding about the retirement benefits and what so ever, And I need to share it with grand pa for additional ideas.

  3. AverageJoeMoney says

    Any time you can turn your kids toys (truck, bunny, magician’s hat….) into a prop for a FINANCIAL VIDEO you score something like 25 bonus points. I’m not sure you can make them tax deductions….but it’s still a win. Fun video.

  4. says

    These are the kinds of things that people never think of ahead of time. I think stuff like this should be taught in a kind of financial common sense class in high schools.

  5. Lisa says

    Jeff, Thanks for the awesome video! This is my first time visiting your site, and I will now be a frequent visitor. lol The bloopers with you, your brilliant son and patient wife were A+++!

    My husband and I are in the almost-50-couple’s shoes. I will be researching your site a little further. lol

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