Debt free zone.The next credit card statement arrives in your mailbox and you get sick knowing what’s inside. You begin to ask yourself when you let it all slip away.

You used to have control of your finances, but something bad happened.

Something terribly wrong.

All those innocent purchases and false reassurances that “you’ll eventually get ahead” were all just a lie.

You have over $100,000 of consumer debt and it’s only getting worse.

Travis Pizel found himself in this exact situation almost 5 years ago. Through reckless spending and always hoping that the next paycheck would allow him to get caught up, he found himself with $109,000 of consumer debt.

He could have waived the white flag and gave up. He didn’t

By working with CareOne Services, Inc, he has been able to payoff $84,000 of debt in just under 4 years.

Think it’s impossible? Think again. Here’s Travis’ story:


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