best tools getting out of debtGetting into debt is so easy.

Just a swipe of the card, a late payment, and suddenly your interest rate is 30%.

Climbing out of this hole in the past meant grabbing a calculator and a notepad.

The tools to get out of debt just weren’t readily available, and understanding exactly how much financial damage you were doing to yourself was complicated.

You knew a big chunk of each payment was going to interest, but you couldn’t figure out how long it would take to pay off the debt.

Now you have so many tools to help you pay off debt that the simple task of deciding which tool to use can be overwhelming.

It’s the opposite problem.

But at least the tools are available. A majority of them even have smartphone or iPad apps so you can take your debt payoff calculations with you.

Not sure which debt reduction and debt payoff tool is best? Here are a few to get you started.

Best Online Debt Payoff Tools

The key to paying off your debt is to get started. The perfect plan that you never implement is worthless; much better to get started on a good enough plan than waiting for the perfect plan to come along.

Thankfully these four tools are all built to help you get started quickly. Their websites and smartphone apps are intuitive. All four are free of charge so you don’t have to worry about adding to your debt in order to get out of debt. All four are proven to help their users.

Plainly put, all of these are great options. In fact the companies below all together would make an excellent debt payoff toolkit. Check them out and get going.

You can also combine these with some of the best financial software around to manage all of your finances. Check out our list of the 11 Best Personal Finance Software.


This debt payoff software is built with technology and ease of use in mind. ReadyForZero is built on three major points: Plan, Pay, and Track. (Okay, there is a fourth point, Relax, but the first three really count.)

The free software does just that. You input all of your debts, interest rates, payments, and accounts. The company helps you put together a plan to pay off that debt as quickly as possible.

Once you have the plan setup you don’t even have to leave the website to pay your bills. You can send payments to those specific creditors through ReadyForZero. That’s pretty slick.

One of the biggest motivators for individuals trying to get out of debt is seeing early success. If you can see some early success like paying off a debt, you are much more likely to keep on with the plan. ReadyForZero helps you track your progress to stay motivated to keep pressing on.

Of course once you have paid off your debts you will finally be able to relax. And thankfully you won’t have to add to your debt to get access to this software: it is free of charge for the regular plan. (The company does offer a plan called ReadyForZero Plus, but you are under no obligation to upgrade. You can keep using the free version for your full debt payoff plan.)

Get on your debt payoff plan today with ReadyForZero.

Credit Sesame

If you have debt but have maintained a good credit score you may be able to expedite your payoff plan by getting better credit offers to move your debt to.

First, a word of warning. You will never pay off your debt if you don’t get serious about sending in extra principal payments each month. You can work more, cut back, or do both to get that extra money to pay down the debt faster. Moving your debt from one company to another can help, but you can’t play hot potato with your creditors and hope to get out of debt fast.

That having been said one of the best ways to cut your interest is to lower your interest rate. And that’s exactly what Credit Sesame does for you.

The company automatically pulls all of your credit, debt, and payment information from your credit history for no charge. They then use this data to compare to other offers with their credit partners in order to save you money.

For example, you might get a refinance offer for your mortgage and a balance transfer offer for one of your balances. Not only will these offers save you money, you will be able to plainly see through Credit Sesame exactly how much money you will save.

One last thing: you get access to a free credit report each month. This report isn’t your FICO score, but still holds some value as you track the ups and downs of your score.

Track your debt and match up with better offers that can save you thousands on your debt with Credit Sesame, all for free.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is very similar to Credit Sesame with just a few slight differences. Just like Credit Sesame, the company pulls your debt and payment information to offer you better credit offers.
Completely Free Credit Score
Here are the differences:

  • Credit Karma will update your credit score daily versus monthly for Credit Sesame. (You have to manually login and click update to get the daily score, but you can get it daily.)
  • Credit Karma uses a different credit bureau score than Credit Sesame. However, they are similar in that they are both non-FICO scores.
  • The company offers a Credit Report Card to help you understand why you are receiving a certain score. Is it too many recent credit inquiries or a error on your credit report? The Credit Report Card helps you with that.

It doesn’t hurt to track two of your free credit scores online, so we recommend signing up for both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma.

Get started with Credit Karma today for no cost.


A big part of your debt payoff plan is to avoid late payments that result in your interest rates being increased to astronomical levels. That’s where Manilla comes in to your suite of debt payoff tools.

Manilla is not specifically a tool designed to help you pay off your debts. It is a great piece of software that won’t cost you a thing and can help you avoid furthering your debt problems.

With Manilla you can connect all of your bills — namely utilities and credit cards — and the company stores your statements and reminds you of due dates as they come up. The target Manilla is trying to solve is two fold: tracking all of your statements online through a multitude of websites and logins is not easy, and having a late payment can be devastating but it is an easy mistake to make.

Being able to login to one website to see all of your bills and get reminders of all of your due dates solves both of these problems with one elegant solution.

Start tracking and storing all of your statements under one easy login with Manilla. And for the best price: free.

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    Interesting list, I use mint for my personal budgeting needs and Quicken for my business but I don’t use anything to track paying down my debt. Right now I just have my mortgage do you think one of these would be helpful in encouraging me paying down a mortgage or are these tools better built to help people with multiple debts?

  2. says

    I use Credit Karma religiously and it helped tremendously in the lead up to my Condo purchase. Not only did it help me optimize my credit but when it came time for the bank to run a credit check on me, it turned out that it was actually better than Credit Karma projected; pretty much the opposite if what you would expect!

    Thanks for turning me on to Manilla, it’s a rare occasion that I forget a bill but when I do it absolutely sucks and I can definitely do without the stress!

  3. says

    I’ve heard that checking your credit score online will lower it a few points every time you look it up. Since Credit Karma and Credit Sesame use non-FICO credit scores is that something to worry about?

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