Eric Rosenberg

About Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg is a financial writer, speaker and consultant based in Ventura, California. He holds an undergraduate finance degree and an MBA in finance. He is an expert in topics including banking, credit cards, investing, cryptocurrency, insurance, real estate, and business finance.

He has professional experience as a bank manager and nearly a decade in corporate finance and accounting. He built extensive writing, podcasting, and video experience through his own site Personal Profitability, before becoming a full-time writer in 2016.

Eric has been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and featured interviews, including on hit podcasts like Stacking Benjamins and The FI Show, local, national, and international TV interviews on networks including CNN and CBC, and both local and nationwide radio interviews, such as on KISS-FM. Articles by Eric Rosenberg have reached countless millions of readers worldwide. He is a strong believer in financial literacy and helping everyone use financial knowledge to improve their lives.

His work has appeared in many online publications, including Business Insider, Nerdwallet, Investopedia, and U.S. News & World Report. You can connect with him and learn more at


Eric graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business in 2007 with a BSBA in finance and a certificate in international business. He graduated from the University of Denver with an MBA in finance in 2010.

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