Philip Tirone


Philip Tirone is the founder of Elovon, a non-traditional marketing company that merges powerful written-word strategies with direct marketing and data analytics. Its end-goal is to create strong emotional bonds between Elovon’s clients and their marketplace, in turn creating new revenue streams in just 90 days. Philip created Elovon after working as CEO of Selling credit products is like selling ice to Eskimos, and Philip knew that if he could successfully sell credit products, he could help his clients sell their services. His theory: If you can sell credit, you can sell anything! Now, he works with clients to: Create automated revenue-drivers by pinpointing and seducing their hottest leads. Build unbreakable emotional bonds with their target marketplace. Philip Tirone believes that unique situations create an exceptional man. As a young man, he volunteered in Calcutta with Mother Teresa. He once lived in an 800-square-foot home in Mexico with nine people and no running water. He almost entered the Catholic seminary; when he realized he was not being called to the priesthood, he created a program that increased enrollment to the priesthood for the Los Angeles diocese by 500 percent in two years. Philip is a private pilot, a member of the National Center for Fathering, and active with various other nonprofit groups. He is a devoted Catholic and serves on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development with the Diocese of Phoenix. Most importantly, he is Lily Tirone’s husband, and a father to Ava, Dominic, Luke, and Emma.